Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton may be at the end of the road in her run for the presidency. Obama has more pledged delegates and is far ahead in fund raising. His nomination now seems almost inevitable. Hillary is on a roll with her latest wins in Texas and Ohio and her double digit lead in Pennsylvania, but it probably isn’t enough. She has also been helped by the flap created by Obama’s anti-American pastor. She has suffered a couple of blows in the past few days by the endorsement of Obama by Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico and by Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey. Experts just don’t think she can pull it off, even with her added momentum.

All of this may prove to be a train wreck for the Democratic Party. If by some miracle Hillary did win the nomination she would infuriate Obama’a loyal supporters, namely the blacks. After they burned down Washington DC they would refuse to vote for Hillary and McCain would be a shoe in. Even with Obama’a great support from the blacks, Hillary is the stronger candidate against McCain in November. The Democrats may have again lost their chance for the White House in spite of the opportunities given them by the Iraq War and the faltering economy.

It has been said that Clinton may have another strategy by continuing to bad mouth Obama. Her criticism may help assure Obama’s defeat in November and she can then take on McCain in 2012 when he is 75 and in the nursing home.

We should, nevertheless, prepare ourselves for the possibility of an Obama presidency. He is intent on disarming America and distributing the wealth to all those in need. We are all going to have free health care and a free meal. I just hope he lets us keep our cell phones like Raul Castro is now permitting in Cuba. Under Obama we can move to the Cubanization of America. Michael Moore should be happy with the healthcare. I guess this alternative is just as good as letting McCain continuing to destroy ourselves in Iraq, for the CEO’s to make all the money and my retirement continue to shrivel. With the recession, the loss in value of the dollar and the uncertainly of our political situation, I’m very happy to have recently planted a small garden by the porch. If the deer don’t eat everything I might be able to make it through the summer.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Barack Obama ignited the race war last week with the exposure of his anti-American minister and a statement about his white grandmother. He said that his grandmother was like the typical white woman who was afraid of encountering a black man on the street. The last statement really wasn’t necessary. I am a paranoid white male who is afraid of almost everyone on the street; black, white and all colors in between. I picture everyone wearing a robbers mask as pictured above.

It’s just not safe on the street anymore. There are molesters, murderers, robbers, priest and others in the trade out there ready to pounce on you or a loved one. It’s hard to know who is a friend. Even the police are dangerous.

On Easter Sunday my pastor spoke about the resurrection of Jesus. In the Bible it says that the women who approached his empty tomb saw an angel and were frightened. The angel told them not to be afraid. We are even afraid of angels. It’s really the unknown that we fear.

Unfortunately, the black male has become stereotyped as a thug and rapist ready to take down white women. In many respects he has earned that image but he is joined by many others. I have become extremely cautious and suspicious of everyone. When I enter the parking lot of a mall, I look in every direction for suspicious characters and usually have my spouse by the arm that carries her purse. We avoid walking in unfamiliar surroundings and usually stay with a crowd of people. We usually avoid nighttime activities unless with a group.

We have become a frightened paranoid world. That is in great contrast to the way I grew up. In my small town, as a kid I was permitted to go anywhere at night by myself. I attended baseball games, the movies and played on the courthouse lawn without one speck of fear. That all changed in the mid to late 60’s. Now my grandchildren must go out with an armed guard and even the schools are unsafe. I often ask myself what happened at that time to produce such great change? I think I know, but am reluctant to say. It’s a complex issue and that may take several generations to solve. It may never be possible to again have the safe world of my childhood. In reality, it wasn’t safe then and never has been; I only lived in a very sequestered environment.

My only solution now is to retreat into the safest environment I know, which is the porch. Even that safe haven is threatened, but I’m installing bars and taking other measures to make it a fortress of solitude.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have been off the blog for a week and missed the opportunity to capitalize on a number of great stories. We went on vacation to Branson and into a national disaster. There were record floods in Missouri, but fortunately we had only one day spoiled by the rain. The shows went on in Branson.

The news of the week centered on Obama’a loud mouth pastor, Jeremiah Wright. He has proclaimed that America got what was coming to them with the 9/11 attacks and that the whites had infected the blacks with the AIDS virus. The criticism of Obama is that he sat by for years while this preacher spewed venom about America. Obama has remained a member of the church and has had the Reverend Wright as his spiritual advisor. I really can’t blame Obama for his pastor’s mouth and doing nothing about it. I have listened to the ranting and raving of preachers for years and remained a member of the church. As a Baptist, I have listened to preachers tell us we were going to hell if we danced, drank alcohol or smoked. I even sat through one service when a preacher had folks in the congregation come to the front, at the invitation, and promise they would never dance. I must admit that I have had an occasional glass of wine and on more rare occasions a cocktail. With my tolerance for alcohol, if I had more than one drink at a time I would have been rendered unconscious and already on my way to hell. In my lifetime, I have also smoked a cigar on rare occasions but never finished one because of the nausea and dizziness. Yes, I have also committed the unpardonable sin in that I have danced with my wife at her insistence, but she quickly sat down after I trampled her feet. Even though I have committed these deadly sins against the advice of my pastors, I have remained a member of the church and just didn’t pay much attention to his warnings. Hopefully, I heard and believed a much more important message and one which we celebrated today on Easter Sunday.

I’m still not an Obama fan but I sure understand his situation. As far as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is concerned, I think he should be arrested and his tongue removed. His kind of behavior only aggravates racial tensions.

It’s great to be back on the porch after the week in Branson. It’s sure hard to believe we are in a recession with all the tourist I saw unloading tons of money for recreation. The price of everything is out of sight. Gasoline is through the roof, but it’s interesting that a bottle of water cost more than a gallon of gasoline.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The girl pictured above brought down Eliot Spitzer, the governor of New York. She is not all that great looking but came at a very high price. She is a very expensive escort girl. Another name I use is prostitute. Her services are reported to cost over $4000 an hour. The governor was Client number 9 and she was simply known as Kristen.

The problem is not so much with soliciting prostitution but how Spitzer went about it. Apparently $80,000 dollars of Spitzer’s money has been transferred to dummy companies that are a front for the escort service. This is money laundering and also tax evasion. He is also accused of misuse of state resources for his pleasures. The big problem is that Spitzer is the “hypocrite of the century”, because he made his name for breaking up such arrangements and misuse of funds by big business. He should really be labeled, “dummy of the century.” The power of sex is an incredible thing and has been the downfall of many, including presidents, priest and everyone in between.

I have sure been lucky all my life. When in high school I made some good decisions, such as choosing my soulmate for life, my profession and my religious conviction. I have maintained a steadfast and faithful course in all three of these areas my entire life. I guess I am just a dull guy and have missed a lot of excitement, but I don’t think so.

I have had some pretty good advice along the way. Some of this good advice has been from unusual and unexpected sources. While in high school, I worked in a grocery store and one of my fellow employees was a black man who was full of wit and wisdom. I only wish I had taken more extensive notes from our conversations, I could now have a best seller. I knew him only as “Honey King.” That’s what all his black friends called him. They pronounced it “Honey Kang.”

He hated arrogant and pretentious people and called them “top waters.” He advised me not to trust them. An analogy he frequently used to describe someone’s arrogance was that, “they were like a flea floating down the river, laying on his back, on a cow chip, with an erection and yelling for them to open the draw bridge.” He also told me what caused the male glans to become erect. He claimed that is was because the brains drained into it and thus rendered the person void of their senses or ability to think logically. His strong advice was to never make a decision while in this state.

It’s a shame that Eliot Spitzer didn’t have my luck to have such a wonderful advisor in his youth. Honey King was better than a dozen preachers and a bus load of philosophers. I suspect he died long ago but it would sure be great to have someone like him on the porch to talk about the problems of today. He is one black dude who would get my vote for president.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It’s time for another medical update. The blog and even the internet are not large enough to contain all the warnings. In short, the air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink are not safe. I have wondered why I have felt more calm and drowsy for the past several months. I have also been pretty free of infections. This week I found out the reason. Our water is contaminated with the millions of drugs people take. The drugs go through the body into the toilet and into our water supply. The water is full of minute quantities of tranquilizers, antibiotics, painkillers and just about everything else. I get my daily doses of all this stuff through the water I drink so I guess that’s the reason I have been more calm and free of infections. I have never been one to drink the usual recommended 8 glasses of water a day and now I’m glad. If I drank that much water I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.

One of the sad things about the contaminated water is, that all the fish are being affected. The hormones are turning male fish into females and females into males. There are also a lot more homosexual fish. The reproductive process has also been greatly affected because of the low sperm count in the male fish. Fewer fish are being born. We may be threatened with the extinction of fish.

None of the water is safe. Even bottled water, that cost more than gasoline, is contaminated. It comes from the same source as all the other water we drink and is filled with the things humans and other animals excrete. Well, that’s it for the health nuts who carry their bottled water around while jogging. I don’t know what they are going to do.

There are many other things on the medical danger list. For the vitamin enthusiasts, there is also a problem. Vitamin E has recently been found to do no good for anything and those who take it have an increased risk for developing lung cancer. I suspect that all vitamins will eventually be removed from the shelves. Adult cold remedies may also go the way of those for children. When all this happens the pharmaceutical industry will charge even more for prescription drugs.

If China wasn’t doing enough to kill us with lead based paint on our toys, they have now added an ingredient to the common blood thinner, heparin, that produces allergic reactions. Keep it up China; you may soon eradicate the Americans without firing a shot.

Last week we found out that women who have taken hormones in the past to keep their bones from rotting away have a higher incidence of breast and other cancers. If we have any of the hormones remaining in the medicine cabinet we should go ahead and flush them down the toilet so we can hasten the demise of the fish.

I can’t stand to say any more, it’s too scary. The interesting thing about the drug problem is that it’s all George Bush’s fault. He should have instituted a policy that forbids us from urinating in the toilet and flushing the contents into our water supply. The frightening thing for me is that it’s not even safe on the porch.

Monday, March 10, 2008

It’s unfortunate that philosophy and politics are not always on the same page. The conservatives as represented by the Republican Party are selfish, religious fundamentalist. They are viewed as hawkish, big business types who believe altruism should be abolished. They are felt to represent Corporate America, which connotes financial self-interest, greed and resistance to entitlements.

Liberals as represented by the Democratic Party are secular, perverted, minorities looking for a welfare state and for the government to control our lives. As you move further to the left in that party you are a socialist and bordering on communism.

William F. Buckley, who died last week, was one of my heroes and a champion of the conservatives. He was truly an intellect and a great spokesman for that cause. He certainly didn’t agree with all the political positions of the Republicans. He was opposed to the Iraq war and as editor of the National Review he printed nothing from the John Birch Society and denounced the view of Ayn Rand who believed altruism was a crime. He was more of a champion of the individual and believed that if government left man along, the human spirit would triumph. John Kenneth Galbraith, on the other hand, was an intellect and the spokesman for the liberal cause. He was also one of my heroes. It’s interesting that Buckley and Galbraith were the best of friends.

I like certain aspects of both conservative and liberal philosophies but don’t care for the politics of either. I need to start my own party and maybe call it the Porch Party. From my back porch I watch a herd of deer who live in my back yard. They have steadily grown through the years and now number about 20, with 4 scrawny bucks leading the pack. Unfortunately, the neighbors feed them and they supplement their diet with the shrubs and plants in my yard. It has cost me hundreds of dollars. The deer are completely dependent on the handouts of the foolish people in our neighborhood. The deer have interbred and are a scrawny bunch of animals who no longer deserve to be called wild and free like their strong and beautiful ancestors who graced the forest. They are victims of a welfare state and have become such a nuisance that the humans are threatening to leave. Like Buckley, I feel that if the deer were left to forage and hunt for themselves they would again become a wild, free, strong and beautiful species. Unfortunately, the deer population has increased so much and they are now so dependant and weakened that we are left with no choice but to take care of them. We may try to educate them, to again make them independent and care for their own, but our efforts are costly and ineffective compared to what they can do for themselves.

William F. Buckley will be missed by the conservatives just as John Kenneth Galbraith and Arthur Schlesinger Jr. are missed by the liberals. These men were intellectual giants who expressed their philosophy through the beauty of words and logic rather than emotions and empty promises. They were to political philosophy what C.S. Lewis was to the Christian faith. My concern is that there is no one around to replace them.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This has been a wild election year. When it started, I would have never dreamed that Obama would be at the finish line and I figured McCain would have dropped out long ago. It all shows what I know about politics. Obama has come on like gangbusters in the past several weeks and it looked like Hillary was out of it. Yesterday, Hillary took the wind out of Obama’s sails with victories in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. McCain is now the candidate for the Republicans.

It may turn out that little Wyoming and big Pennsylvania determines the winner between Obama and Clinton. Today, McCain is supposed to go to the White House where he will get Bush’s endorsement. That may be like getting kissed in the mouth by someone with AIDS or leprosy.

Regardless of who wins, I’m scared. Obama is inexperienced and will give us change we can believe in, what ever that is. I am concerned he will bow to the rest of the world and will be content with a position of weakness to fund all of our social programs as we become a welfare state at my expense. Hillary has a lot of baggage and even thought she is opposed to the war she could fire off a nuclear missile if she had a hot flash or caught Bill fooling around again in the oval office. Then there is McCain who, at his age, could drop dead at any minute. McCain could also spend us to death as we continue to fight our war with the Muslims over the Precious Oil. He is a little like Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

The choices are not good and on top of that we have a mad Congress who only fools around trying to police baseball. I’m a little scared. I guess I should relax and read my history books and know that we have made it in the past with such great leaders as Calvin Coolidge, James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, Warren G. Harding and James Garfield. Probably our greatest president was William Henry Harrison (pictured above). Harrison’s greatest accomplishment was that he was in office for only a month.

I’m just going to say shut up on the porch with the shades pulled as I read my Bible rather than the newspaper. I need something to strengthen my faith in these perilous times. The Bible also scares me, especially the book called Revelations and that part in the Old Testament about the Children of Israel being God’s chosen people. The Muslims sure don’t like that part and if Iran eventually takes over Iraq, as I predict, that could be a problem for me on the porch. A mushroom cloud hovering over the earth could interfere with the garden I have planted.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The FBI has been assigned to the Roger Clemens case. Maybe now we can finally get the truth and Congress can indict this guy for perjury. The FBI claims they don’t torture people as part of their interrogation. They may have to change their policy on this one. They may at least resort to water boarding to get to the truth and protect our national security over such an important question pertaining to Clemens use of steroids and HGH.

I hope their investigation turns up a lot of other practices related to baseball, which, in my view, are suspect. In a previous blog, I mentioned Joe DiMaggio’s bedroom practices with Marilyn Monroe as a method of enhancing performance. I am also concerned why players like Manny Ramirez should be able to wear such ridiculous hair dos.

Another thing to be investigated is why a star pitcher like Curt Schilling looks like he does in the above photo. We know he doesn’t take steroids or HGH but why does he have such a mid section bulge. It can’t be food. This guy is supposed to be mister clean cut and his only problem is a bad ankle tendon, which literally made his sox red with blood. He is a born again Christian who wears a cross necklace that he kisses before he pitches. Does this cross contain some unknown witching power that enhances his performance? The use of crosses should be investigated. Bringing in the power of God to enhance performance should be considered unfair to the players who are atheist and the display of a Christian symbol is definitely unconstitutional. We have eliminated prayer before sporting events, it’s now time to carry it a step further and eliminate anything pertaining to religion. What makes me really suspicious about Schilling is that he is backing John McCain for President. It is un-American for a celebrity to back a Republican. These matters need to be investigated by the FBI and reported to Congress.

It’s about time for baseball to clean up it’s act. These matters are of great national concern and may even be tied in with things like global warming, the high price of gasoline and the faltering economy. Congress has finally recognized the corruption in baseball and I’m delighted the FBI is on the case.

In the mean time, I’m having shades installed around the porch. I don’t want anyone to see what I’m reading. If the FBI saw that I have a Bible on my table, I could end up in a Congressional hearing like Clemens and the baseball players.