Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton may be at the end of the road in her run for the presidency. Obama has more pledged delegates and is far ahead in fund raising. His nomination now seems almost inevitable. Hillary is on a roll with her latest wins in Texas and Ohio and her double digit lead in Pennsylvania, but it probably isn’t enough. She has also been helped by the flap created by Obama’s anti-American pastor. She has suffered a couple of blows in the past few days by the endorsement of Obama by Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico and by Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey. Experts just don’t think she can pull it off, even with her added momentum.

All of this may prove to be a train wreck for the Democratic Party. If by some miracle Hillary did win the nomination she would infuriate Obama’a loyal supporters, namely the blacks. After they burned down Washington DC they would refuse to vote for Hillary and McCain would be a shoe in. Even with Obama’a great support from the blacks, Hillary is the stronger candidate against McCain in November. The Democrats may have again lost their chance for the White House in spite of the opportunities given them by the Iraq War and the faltering economy.

It has been said that Clinton may have another strategy by continuing to bad mouth Obama. Her criticism may help assure Obama’s defeat in November and she can then take on McCain in 2012 when he is 75 and in the nursing home.

We should, nevertheless, prepare ourselves for the possibility of an Obama presidency. He is intent on disarming America and distributing the wealth to all those in need. We are all going to have free health care and a free meal. I just hope he lets us keep our cell phones like Raul Castro is now permitting in Cuba. Under Obama we can move to the Cubanization of America. Michael Moore should be happy with the healthcare. I guess this alternative is just as good as letting McCain continuing to destroy ourselves in Iraq, for the CEO’s to make all the money and my retirement continue to shrivel. With the recession, the loss in value of the dollar and the uncertainly of our political situation, I’m very happy to have recently planted a small garden by the porch. If the deer don’t eat everything I might be able to make it through the summer.


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