Sunday, March 02, 2008

The FBI has been assigned to the Roger Clemens case. Maybe now we can finally get the truth and Congress can indict this guy for perjury. The FBI claims they don’t torture people as part of their interrogation. They may have to change their policy on this one. They may at least resort to water boarding to get to the truth and protect our national security over such an important question pertaining to Clemens use of steroids and HGH.

I hope their investigation turns up a lot of other practices related to baseball, which, in my view, are suspect. In a previous blog, I mentioned Joe DiMaggio’s bedroom practices with Marilyn Monroe as a method of enhancing performance. I am also concerned why players like Manny Ramirez should be able to wear such ridiculous hair dos.

Another thing to be investigated is why a star pitcher like Curt Schilling looks like he does in the above photo. We know he doesn’t take steroids or HGH but why does he have such a mid section bulge. It can’t be food. This guy is supposed to be mister clean cut and his only problem is a bad ankle tendon, which literally made his sox red with blood. He is a born again Christian who wears a cross necklace that he kisses before he pitches. Does this cross contain some unknown witching power that enhances his performance? The use of crosses should be investigated. Bringing in the power of God to enhance performance should be considered unfair to the players who are atheist and the display of a Christian symbol is definitely unconstitutional. We have eliminated prayer before sporting events, it’s now time to carry it a step further and eliminate anything pertaining to religion. What makes me really suspicious about Schilling is that he is backing John McCain for President. It is un-American for a celebrity to back a Republican. These matters need to be investigated by the FBI and reported to Congress.

It’s about time for baseball to clean up it’s act. These matters are of great national concern and may even be tied in with things like global warming, the high price of gasoline and the faltering economy. Congress has finally recognized the corruption in baseball and I’m delighted the FBI is on the case.

In the mean time, I’m having shades installed around the porch. I don’t want anyone to see what I’m reading. If the FBI saw that I have a Bible on my table, I could end up in a Congressional hearing like Clemens and the baseball players.


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