Thursday, March 13, 2008

The girl pictured above brought down Eliot Spitzer, the governor of New York. She is not all that great looking but came at a very high price. She is a very expensive escort girl. Another name I use is prostitute. Her services are reported to cost over $4000 an hour. The governor was Client number 9 and she was simply known as Kristen.

The problem is not so much with soliciting prostitution but how Spitzer went about it. Apparently $80,000 dollars of Spitzer’s money has been transferred to dummy companies that are a front for the escort service. This is money laundering and also tax evasion. He is also accused of misuse of state resources for his pleasures. The big problem is that Spitzer is the “hypocrite of the century”, because he made his name for breaking up such arrangements and misuse of funds by big business. He should really be labeled, “dummy of the century.” The power of sex is an incredible thing and has been the downfall of many, including presidents, priest and everyone in between.

I have sure been lucky all my life. When in high school I made some good decisions, such as choosing my soulmate for life, my profession and my religious conviction. I have maintained a steadfast and faithful course in all three of these areas my entire life. I guess I am just a dull guy and have missed a lot of excitement, but I don’t think so.

I have had some pretty good advice along the way. Some of this good advice has been from unusual and unexpected sources. While in high school, I worked in a grocery store and one of my fellow employees was a black man who was full of wit and wisdom. I only wish I had taken more extensive notes from our conversations, I could now have a best seller. I knew him only as “Honey King.” That’s what all his black friends called him. They pronounced it “Honey Kang.”

He hated arrogant and pretentious people and called them “top waters.” He advised me not to trust them. An analogy he frequently used to describe someone’s arrogance was that, “they were like a flea floating down the river, laying on his back, on a cow chip, with an erection and yelling for them to open the draw bridge.” He also told me what caused the male glans to become erect. He claimed that is was because the brains drained into it and thus rendered the person void of their senses or ability to think logically. His strong advice was to never make a decision while in this state.

It’s a shame that Eliot Spitzer didn’t have my luck to have such a wonderful advisor in his youth. Honey King was better than a dozen preachers and a bus load of philosophers. I suspect he died long ago but it would sure be great to have someone like him on the porch to talk about the problems of today. He is one black dude who would get my vote for president.


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