Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When I was in Junior High, I raise three pigs. They grew up to be very greedy hogs. It was my job to feed these animals every day. They became very aggressive the older and fatter they became. The meanest and most aggressive one, I called Greedy Gut. He would actual try and attack me and knock me down when I brought his pail of food into the pen each day. The pig pen was adjacent to the garden and we had to have a very secure fence or they would have destroyed everything. I’m sure if an infant or young child had fallen into the hog pen they would have been consumed.

Today’s Wall Street tycoons remind me of my hogs. They are just as greedy and care about nothing in their path except their own lust for money. They are like my hogs without a fence. They have had no restraints or regulations and are just driven by their unbridled greed. We are all now paying the price and the government must step in to apply restraints and save our garden, which has been largely destroyed by these gluttons. As a result we will now have a nationalized banking system.

Andrew Jackson was strongly opposed to a federal bank and when he was president there was a run on the banks, which caused a great panic and a deep depression. Thanks goodness, we have a federal banking system today that will, hopefully, bail us out and prevent another depression and stimulate the economy and make it possible for people to borrow money to buy homes and run a business.

We may survive this ordeal if our Congress will only act. They need to quit blaming each other for the debacle and pass some legislation before the stock market goes to zero and all the banks close. One thing I hope they regulate is how much the bank executives can make off with for doing such a bad job.

The experience of raising hogs was a good one for me. It taught me that the world off my porch is full of greedy pigs. It also made me thankful that I have a porch; I just hope that now Congress will let me keep it.


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