Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The news this week has really been scary. It’s like the world is going crazy. I have never seen anything like it. The Presidential race seems to be second page news. The latest in that debacle is that it seems like the Presidential candidate of the Democrats is running against the Vice-Presidential candidate of the Republicans.

The other big news was Hurricane Ike that devastated Galveston and paralyzed Houston. We will be feeling the effects of that one for a long time and it may be as bad for Galveston as the 1900 storm. This whole thing just gives a hint of what it would be like in the event of something like a nuclear attack on a big city with the lose of thousands of lives and many more injuries. We wouldn’t be able to handle the problem.

The big news happened this week with the shakeup of the world economic situation. It’s even a bigger thing than hurricanes or the presidential race. The giant banker Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. Next came the news that the mega-insurer AIG was about to crater. This sent shock waves through the world threatening to trigger a global collapse of world finances and the global economy. The government decided to bail AIG out with an 85 billion dollar loan. This means the government now owns the company and they are moving to own everything. The Feds recently bailed out the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Health Care and Education are next, so we will eventually be no different than the Government of the old Soviet Union or the one in Cuba. There is really nothing we can do because we are suffering the ills of capitalism brought on by greed. Unfortunately, a government run society is only another form of greed as we have learned from history with people like Stalin and his gang.

Our current financial mess is due to the greedy Ivy League crowd on Wall Street who uses us like pawns to get their multi-million dollar cut. They are in the same group of thieves as CEOs, and professional athletes. The greed of these folks is after the money of the little guy like me and the recent set of events on Wall Street even threatens to take my entire retirement.

The government is my only hope for salvation and I am becoming more like Gollum in The Lord of The Rings. Our new savior, the government, will soon be altering the dictionary to eliminate words like myself and me and replacing them with words like we and us. I’m certain they will want my sanctuary, the porch. I’m sure the porch will disappear, like my retirement, with no input from me. It will also disappear with absolutely no resistance from me because I don’t even know where to resist. Sadly, we are living in a world that, like the Old South, is about to be Gone with the Wind.


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