Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Last week we went with one of our talented granddaughters to A&M where she was recognized for winning an essay contest. We had a great dinner and she received a nice prize. Naturally, we were very proud of her. The essay was about nutrition and the guest speaker for the evening was a world expert on obesity and nutrition. Some of the statistics about the obesity epidemic were very frightening, especially since I am one of the victims.

This expert believes that obesity is a disease and not entirely related to food intake. He has rats in his lab that eat the same thing and some are fat and others thin. Some folks are just susceptible to developing obesity and diabetes. He then warned of all the bad foods we need to avoid even if we are not susceptible to obesity. That part of his talk was real scary. Just about everything we eat is bad. Sugar is the big killer, especially fructose. He went on and on about how bad fructose is.

Everything is full of fructose. This is only one of the sugars. Another famous sugar is sucrose, which is a little tougher to metabolize and doesn’t cause as many problems. Fructose is found in most soft drinks as well as fruit drinks. It occurs naturally in many foods such as berries, melons, honey and fruits. It is also found in many vegetables such as beets and sweet potatoes.

The liver metabolizes fructose quickly and everything else shuts down to get fructose through the system and make us fat. It is more likely to cause obesity than the other sugars. It is also more likely to produce tooth decay and hyperactivity in kids than the other sugars.

It seems that just about everything we eat is bad for us. Meat, of course, is now forbidden. If it doesn’t elevate your cholesterol it will kill you with e-coli. Fresh spinach and other leafy vegetables are covered in e-coli. Even those grown in the US are unsafe. Naturally, everything we get from China is tainted with some sort of toxin. Just about all of our medications, including vitamins have been implicated for causing all sorts of problems such as cancer, heart disease and everything in between including suicide.

Nothing is safe. I suggest they put the skull and crossbones poison label on the door of all grocery stores and all medicine bottles. The Surgeon General warns that all foods and medicines are bad for your health and can kill you. I am now only drinking water as I sit on the porch. I am getting weaker every day. The nutrition expert even badmouthed bottled water so I am drinking this hard stuff out of the tap in Salado. Maybe I will die of starvation before my kidneys turn to stone.


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