Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lately, Roger Clemens has been in the news almost as much as Britney Spears. What bothers me about the whole affair is why it is any business of Congress if he took steroids or human growth hormone. It would seen that Congress should have a lot more important things to worry about than the substances Clemens takes to enhance his performance. Now they are spending an incredible amount of time trying to figure out if he is the one lying or his trainer Brian McNamee. One or both are lying which means perjury that carries a penalty of jail time, which we have to pay for. Who cares?

I can understand why the baseball commission may be concerned about Clemens. But, why Congress? I know steroids and HGH are bad for you and at the same time make you strong, but if I took it I sure wouldn’t be a Roger Clemens. I would only look like a bloated dead dog. Let Clemens take what he wants. I view these guys as a bunch of gladiators who are performing for us. It’s okay with me if we are watching a group of androids or robots swinging the bat and running the bases. I think Babe Ruth must have consumed huge quantities of beer and whiskey plus eat like a hog, so I guess we should exhume him and take away his trophies. Joe DiMaggio’s performance must have been enhanced by going to bed with Marilyn Monroe, so Congress needs to look into that type behavior. Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and those guys are really no different than our professional wrestlers who have to be taking something. I say let them all shoot it up and let’s sit back, pay them millions, and watch the show. The show may be spectacular. They can throw the ball at two hundred miles an hour and knock the ball into orbit. We can have a whole set of new records, like the first one to actual get the ball into an orbit around the earth. The records to be set are unlimited.

Congress has enough to do keeping up with their own bad behavior and fighting with the President. They sure don’t need to take on any extra work. Sometimes while sitting on the porch I feel like a congressman; that’s when I’m sitting in my chair nodding off to sleep.


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