Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Here we go again. Like I said in my most recent blog, nothing is safe. It’s also hard to believe the doctors. Recommendations and what seemed to be time honored rules change almost daily.

This week it was announced that the popular asthma and allergy medicine, Singulair, may cause people to commit suicide. 31 million prescriptions of this drug were written last year. Our own pharmaceutical industry is trying to outdo the Chinese in thinning the US population. This drug is a popular commercial on TV. They are going to change it to show a person popping a pill with a gun to their head. Swallow and pull the trigger.

Other great news from the drug world is that the cholesterol lowering drugs, Vytorin and Zetia, have been proven to be ineffective. It is now being recommended to go back to the more proven and time honored statin agents such as Lipotor and Zocor.

Some other interesting recommendations came out this week. Cardiologist are now recommending doing away with the mouth to mouth stuff when resuscitating someone. Thank God for that one. It’s never a pretty girl you are called on to save but some nasty looking person with a sewer mouth or AIDS. The technique now involves giving 100 pushes on the chest per minute until the paramedics or a defibrillator arrives.

Cardiologist are now saying it’s okay to do angioplasties and stents to open the clogged coronaries of patients in small hospitals just like in the big centers that have backup heart surgery available. I hope this is not a recommendation that is based on the fact that there are now so many cardiologist they are looking to do work in any setting. Pretty soon they will be like the doc in the box or even offering the service at Wal-Mart while you are waiting in the checkout line.

As for me, I’m staying on the porch on my pure tap water diet. I have taken a thyroid pill and a low dose of a beta blocker for years but now am considering giving these up. In the meantime, we have no loaded guns in the house or other means to dispose of myself. I don’t smoke or drink and am eating a diet of no food to avoid getting cancer, heart disease and all the other diseases. Life is so much fun when you are safe and secure.


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