Monday, February 25, 2008

Ralph Nader has thrown his hat in the ring again for President. That’s reassuring. I may even vote for him this time with the way things are shaping up. He has been famous in the past because of his position on consumer rights and as an environmentalist. He is also for a democratic government. In analyzing the 2000 election he may have been responsible for Bush defeating Gore. Nader took enough votes away from Gore to make the difference in Florida.

He apparently lives a Spartan existence and doesn’t even own a car. He became famous several years ago with his book “Unsafe At Any Speed” which took on the automobile industry about the safety of their vehicles. He tore the Chevrolet Corvair to shreds because the Corvair had likewise torn many people to shreds.

In the past he has run for president as an independent candidate and his party was once called the Green Party. He has now announced his run for the office in 2008. Good luck!! What I want to know is where the guy gets his money? How do people like Ralph Nader, Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee stay in there. I know they want to make a statement but it’s sort of like urinating in the ocean to raise the tide or turning a fan on to blow a hurricane back to sea.

I lost confidence in Ralph Nader several years ago when he wrote an article about how Radiologist were trying to irradiate black folks to death by giving them higher X-Ray exposure with the excuse that their bones were so dense. His article focused on the skull X-Ray. It was like there was a conspiracy to fry the black peoples brains. Nothing could be further from the truth. To begin with the exposure for a skull X-Ray is minimal and skull films are infrequently used. Exposure tables used by technologist make no difference in blacks and whites. If he wants to make a meaningful noise about X-Ray exposure he should talk about the overutiliztion of CT scans in children, which does make a difference.

His article about the skull X-Ray and blacks is so typical of politicians making statements about subjects in which they have no knowledge. It makes me suspicious of all the other things they talk about.

I just hope Nader isn’t allowed to debate with the others. I’m sick of all the debating and we have the entire spring and summer to go. I’m stocking up on old movies and good books for my entertainment on the porch for the next few months. .


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