Thursday, February 21, 2008

Most of the pictures of the political candidates we see now days are with them, on a stage, in front of a large crowd of people. All the people are carrying posters and shouting. This is a political rally and is a very effective technique for brain washing a large number of people to convince them of your belief or cause. It makes effective use of mob mentality and has been used to lynch some poor slob or even lead a nation into revolution. Hitler was a master at the use of this technique.

For years, many have used the rally very successfully. It’s used before football games to spur the team on to victory. Often these things get out of hand such as the Texas A&M Bonfire. Churches even use the rally ideal to whip people into a frenzy to believe anything the preacher or faith healer is saying. Just look at the TV evangelist and some of the megachurch praise services. The crowd will shower the minister with millions of dollars to use for his personal jets and other luxuries.

Obama is currently riding the rally horse. He has everyone worked into a frenzy about the hollow changes he promises. He is ready to carry the crowds through the gates of hell and everyone is following; the rich, poor, intellects, unions, blacks, minorities, and mostly the stupid and gullible. He has the momentum and is on such a role from the mob mentality he is probably unstoppable.

I have several books on Hitler and the Nazis regime that almost destroyed the world. It’s interesting to look at the pictures of the great political rallies he conducted. It’s also interesting to look at the riots and marches in the Middle East and in other countries where revolutions have ushered in a murderous regime.

I detest crowds and wouldn’t even walk out my front door to join a mob, on my front lawn, who might be gathered around a nude Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. I prefer to learn about the political candidates on my quiet porch. That can also be very difficult because most of the reading material is very slanted or filled with propaganda. My best bet is just to continue reading The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. That book is so meaningful in this day and time.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I suppose that is why I do not enjoy traveling, Doc. Even a hotel lobby is too crowded for me. I even get the heebie-jeebies standing in line at Taco Bell. I think I was meant to just stay at home with the horses, cows, goats, dogs and cats. I have mastered the art of whipping all of them into a frenzy twice a day at feeding time. It gives me a great feeling of power to know that they would follow me anywhere and the dogs would, I believe, even go into battle for me.

After you finish The Rise and Fall be sure to read Atlas Shrugged. The two books combined give a chilling insight into where our young country is headed and it is not promising. Obama may prove to be the catalyst of doom that many predict..........

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