Saturday, March 31, 2007

Iranians are a brave people with a loving religion. They have managed to capture a few British sailors, one being a chain smoking female. The loving Iranians are now holding the sailors hostage and forcing confessions about how they were in Iranian waters and invading the country. The sailors have appeared on TV with an apology for their actions. A British sailor is pictured above along with a picture of what would happen to him if he didn’t confess.
The Iranians can really act tough with a group of hostages. Look at the American experience 25 years ago. They can bring an American President down or drive the price of oil through the roof.
They intend to make Islam the religion of the world and destroy Israel and kill all of us infidels in the process. The only thing that is hard to figure is that their God is also the God of Abraham. If he is a God of love why are they so incredibly mean. It’s hard to understand why that God condones beheading and suicide. I know a few people of the Islam faith who seem to be pretty nice folks. I just wonder if they are really thinking that I am an infidel and wishing me dead during our conversations. Whose side is God on anyway, Christianity, Judaism or Islam? The way many of their believers act, it may be none of the above. The way we are going they all may go up in smoke created by a nuclear holocaust. The barbarians may once again triumph.
I am ready to go back to the horse and buggy if that will free us of our dependence on Iranian oil. Those of us in the US are also hostages, not of the Iranians but to our addiction to oil. Until another energy source is developed we will not be free. This is going to be tough as long as our government and big oil companies don’t have it as a top priority. So, who is holding us hostage? The few whose eyes may see this blog probably don’t know of the great cartoon strip of several years ago called Pogo. It was absolutely great. Pogo summed up our current situation with these famous words, “ We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

All we have heard on the news this week is about the autopsy results on Anna Nicole Smith. She is big business even after her death and may top Elvis Presley in popularity. She is certainly keeping an army of lawyers gainfully employed. Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper and Greta Van Susteren are very grateful to her because they have had slim pickings on other news. There hasn’t been a good murder or child abduction worthy of note in several days and the war in Iraq and seizure of the British sailors is old hat. Iran is always taking hostages.
Anna Nicole is great stuff for news. They keep showing the same sexy pictures of her over and over. They are great to see and it’s amazing how her appearance changes. It’s only recently that I have started to look at her face and the prominent gum line above her front teeth. Being from Mexia, Texas I would be surprised if any of her teeth are the originals. But, who really cares about her face and teeth. The autopsy revealed more drugs in her than in a well stocked pharmacy. It’s a wonder she didn’t die of spontaneous combustion.
You might have hoped that the autopsy report would have ended it. No, it’s only just begun. The report said it was an accidental death, but the spin is now, who gave her all those drugs. Naturally, it’s someone else’s fault. Nothing is ever the fault of the person involved. The doctors gave her too much medicine or someone forced her to take all the stuff. Doctors are a great one to blame. The success of medical malpractice has proved that. We learn as a child to say it’s somebody else’s fault for everything that goes wrong with us. We all know that George Bush is responsible for 9/11, global warming, Katrina and just about everything else that is going on in the world today. When we get all the facts about Anna Nicole I am pretty sure it will be the fault of George Bush that she overdosed. The whole thing is a conspiracy that started with the assassination of Lincoln and has included others such as Martin Luther King and John Kennedy. It’s all part of the right wing conspiracy Hillary talks about. It actually started in the Garden of Eden. The serpent was really Bush is disguise and he made Eve eat the apple. Anyway, thank God for Anna Nicole. She gives us relief from the dullness of everyday life.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who can you believe anymore? The Central Intelligence Agency should probably be abolished or renamed the Central Misinformation Agency. Writers of spy novels, like Ian Fleming, should handle the job of supervising our espionage activities. We have made some pretty disastrous decisions lately based on incorrect information. The most notable example is the misinformation about weapons of mass destruction.
In 2002 the CIA took over the handling of Ibn Shaykh Al Libi, a captured Al Qaeda commander. Under torture he told of extensive ties between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein of Iraq. This information was passed to the White House and iwas used to justify the invasion of Iraq. Later on Al Libi recanted his story and the CIA withdrew its support of his statement. Thanks a lot, CIA.
The list of misinformation goes on. I have been lead to believe that Fidel Castro was dying of cancer. As it turns out this was probably not the case. He probably had complications from intestinal surgery for a benign cause of GI bleeding. We have apparently had many goofs regarding Castro through the years including the Bay of Pigs. Castro has been very influential through the years and is largely responsible for influencing Chavez of Venezuela and Morales of Bolivia to move to the left.
In the past, people like George Marshall, Dean Acheson and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan have suggested abolishing the CIA and assigning its functions to the State Department.
On several occasions we have been misinformed about Osma Bin Laden’s health. We have seen pictures where he looks pale and emaciated through his gray beard.. He now seems far from being on the verge of death as he directs his operation safely from the mountains in Afghanistan under the watchful eye of our informants
I hope the CIA has not been feeding Al Gore his information about the destruction of the planet from global warming. After Gore is elected president he will tell us that all his information was a mistake and we will then know that he has been screaming that the sky is falling for his own political gain.
I don’t know what to believe. You sure can’t get correct information from the news media. The stories and messages we get in church are even mixed and different than when I was a kid. Marring people of the same sex and abortions were a no, no when I was a kid. Dancing seems to be now okay for the Baptist. The next thing I know they will be drinking in the open. The CIA must be advising the preachers about what the Lord thinks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We are losing our brain in more ways than one. We either never develop it or it rots away. A couple of interesting statistics came out today that are in some ways related. It has been determined that one third of the people living in Washington DC are illiterate. I lived there several years ago and am actually surprised by that number. It is lower than I would have guessed. I suspected it would have been closer to two thirds being illiterate. The numbers must have not included all the federal employees and elected officials on Capitol Hill. The criteria for being considered illiterate are the inability to read a bus schedule, read a map or fill out a job application. I suspect the federal employees and congressmen must have been excluded from the survey since somehow they have filled out a job application in the past.
The other disturbing bit of news today also had to do with the brain or lack of one. The number of Alzheimers cases has greatly increased in the past few years. It is now estimated that about 5 million people in the US have Alzheimers and the number is increasing. There will be an estimated 7.7 million by 2030. They say 1 in 8 people over 65 are affected and 1 in 2 of those over 85.
I was reminded recently of the great advances in medicine in the past 10 years which made me realize I am an old fossil. We are keeping people alive longer by helping their heart disease and improving survival for cancer. Working out and jogging are now very popular but this produces wear and tear on the joints. All this leads to old age with total joint replacements and arthritis topped off by the loss of your brain from Alzheimers. The politicians are complaining about the lack of health care for the poor and the large number of people without health insurance. As it turns out, these may be the lucky ones.
It would sure be nice to keep my brain and just quietly fade away rather than being ravaged with the infirmities of age brought on by modern medicine.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Like Rip Van Winkle, the blog has been asleep for several days. The blog changed with a new registration requirement and it has been blocked by the KGB of S&W. The extra hassle almost made me abandon the effort. All this doesn’t matter because I enjoy writing it, even if it is just for myself.
While the blog was asleep much happened in the world. Very important events occurred like the burial of Anna Nicole Smith and the firing of the diaper wearing, lover astronaut. Because Anna Nicole was worshiped by so many, I have been awaiting her resurrection.
President Bush has gone to South America and they seem to love him down there as much as we do in the US. Chevez of Venezuela appears to be his biggest fan. Suicide bombers are still blowing up large numbers of people and buildings in Iraq. Looks like all the buildings would be destroyed by now. I think we have found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and it turns out to be the people themselves
The Democrats are still bad mouthing the Republicans and the Republicans are doing the same. Are any of these people really Americans and have the best interest of the country at heart? None seem to have my best interest at heart.
The academy awards happened and not much I cared about won. As a matter of fact there were very few movies I cared any thing about this year. That’s sad news coming from a movie buff like me.
Like Rip Van Winkle, I think the best idea is just to go back to sleep. There is no intelligent life on the planet and the news is certainly not noteworthy.