Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Casey Anthony was acquitted by a Florida jury of killing her 2 year old child. The world was surprised because all the evidence pointed to her as the killer. She didn’t report the child missing for over a month and during that time she went partying and even had a tattoo. The body of the child was finally found buried in Casey’s father’s backyard with duct tape over her mouth and nose. Initially, the father claimed the kid drown in the swimming pool. Everything pointed to Casey who initially said her child had been kidnapped but later denied this story.

I couldn’t believe the verdict. I might have bought the verdict of not guilty for reason of insanity. No matter how you look at the case, Casey is crazy. Now she is going to be free for reason of slick lawyers. It’s another O.J. Simpson case. The whole case again confirms my opinion of lawyers and the justice system. It’s not about the law but about lawyers. I have an incredible distaste for that profession and to think I have a couple of lawyers who are friends: no, wait that’s only one and he isn’t a trial lawyer.

The story by the defense is ridiculous. They could have presented any absurd tale and this jury would have bought it. There are some other likely scenarios for the murder and cover-up. The baby could have resulted from Casey being raped by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French monetary man. Strauss- Kahn then had Inspector Clouseau or the French Foreign legion dispose of the body. Other likely possibilities are this could have been the love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger or John Edwards and they were involved in the murder and cover-up. These scenarios are just as plausible as the story by the defense that got her acquitted.

Maybe I should be happy with the legal system and the prosecution didn’t prove that Casey committed the murder beyond a reasonable doubt. I am left with more than a reasonable doubt about the intelligence and wisdom of the jury in this case. Sometimes I think the justice system of the Old West wasn’t so bad. Hang them and ask questions later. At least we didn’t have overcrowded prisons in those days, because the accused usually ended up in boot hill.

Now, Casey Anthony will join the ranks of other famous acquitted killers like; O.J. Simpson and Lizzy Borden. This will be a story that will be with us for a long time and one my grandchildren will tell to their kids. This story, like that of Lizzy Borden will become folklore. On the positive side, perhaps it will become a classic case study in criminology and law school. Also Caylee Anthony is in a better place without the misery of being raised by an immature, crazy, dysfunctional mother.


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Trial Lawyers are all about $money$ & winning. Where did the prosecutors drop the ball? Did the judge screw up the trial? And the jury...??? Pretty bizarre to say the least! If it wasn't for the mass media we probably would not have even known about it. Keep smilin'. Life is good!

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