Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We are building a new home and I am amazed at how the styles change, yet they don’t change. 20 years ago we built a home in Salado that had all the modern trimmings. The house was built after the model of a Louisiana Plantation home. It has the style that was over 100 years old. It’s a style I loved and will miss. Our new home looks entirely different. The outside is much more rustic in appearance, like a lodge. The outside is a brown rough looking stone that takes us back to the time of the caveman. That’s okay because I hate the more modern styles. Both of the homes we have built are so called timeless homes. It’s the inside that differs from times past. The interior styles and décor in houses changes almost weekly. Something installed today is out of date by the time it is in place.

When I was a kid everyone had a hardwood floor or one covered with linoleum. Only rich folks had carpet. Everyone dreamed of having wall- to- wall carpet. Through the years, everyone got carpet and it is now out of vogue. Everybody is going back to hardwood floors. Wallpaper is out, and it used to be the rage. Walls are now painted and textured with so called earth tones that look somewhat like a sod home or the inside of a cave. Counter tops were made of tile of covered with linoleum when I was growing up, but now everything must be granite. Many of the modern homes today have a fancy outdoor grill with elaborate cooking equipment and well furnished patio furniture. The modern home dweller is attempting to move back outdoors like our ancestors.

Many of the features in the new homes seem to be getting us back to nature and are a throw back to caveman or more primitive ways. All these changes support my theory that we are in a reverse evolution trend and are descending from the ape. The main thing is that it cost a lot more to build than in the caveman days. The sad thing about modern day building is that the porch is disappearing. The porch is no longer useful since folks don’t have time to visit or do the other things that the porch was made for such as catching a cool breeze, drinking lemonade, shelling peas and such.


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