Thursday, May 26, 2011

We have moved to our temporary little rent house until our new home is completed. Our kitchen is now local restaurants and fast food places. I have been eating a lot of chicken and none of it taste like the chicken I ate as a kid or the kind my spouse prepares.

When I was a kid we raised our own chickens and the flavor was out of this world compared to the anemic stuff today. Today’s chickens have been breed to have large breast. These hugh chunks of meat are never cooked properly and are either too dry or raw in the middle. Chickens are also cut up differently today. As a kid, my favorite piece was the pulley bone, better known as the wishbone. This tasty morsel is now part of the breast and totally disguised.

The fast food chicken places of today usually serve a large piece of batter with the meat of the chicken buried in this fat laden plaque producing crust. These chicken places vary by the spices used in their batter that disguise the taste of the meat. The chicken really doesn’t matter, it could just as well be shoe leather.

My spouse prepares chicken for frying in much the same way as my mother did. She simply rolls the chicken is flour and liberally sprinkles it with salt and pepper. Another technique she uses is to roll the chicken pieces in buttermilk then flour. The batter is not all that thick, but forms a tasty brown shell when cooked at the right temperature for the just the right length of time that requires an experienced eye. Of course, fresh Crisco or oil is essential for the best taste rather than grease that has been used over and over for frying everything in the kitchen.

Frying, of course, is only one of many ways of preparing the bird. As a kid I really didn’t know it could be grilled, smoked, baked or made into all sorts of salads. I was raised on the fried stuff, and if done properly that remains one of my favorite foods. I can’t wait until we are in the new home so my spouse can break out the skillet and fry up a tasty batch of the bird in the way it is supposed to be fixed.



Blogger B(O)B said...

Ditto... Sounds like the chicken my mom fried in western Nebraska! Umm, Umm! Can you guess what I'm going to eat today?

7:02 AM  
Blogger jeff ludwick said...

What a pity. We have a generation of people that think that "strips" and "nuggets" are chicken. I am guessing that even a butcher at HEB would not know how to cut up a chicken the right way........

6:49 AM  

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