Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We are a very paranoid society and nothing illustrates this more than racial profiling. I know there are inequities that are disgusting but we have carried the paranoia of racial profiling too far. A little profiling would sure help streamline things. The security hoops we had to go through with our recent trip to see Laura Bush and the absurd obstacles on our way to board an airplane are examples. Is it really necessary to frisk a kid or an old grandmother?

The sub-human idiots who give their lives as suicide bombers seem to have diminished a bit. Maybe they have run out of folks who don’t see the future in this endeavor. The suicide bombers have all been promised they will go to heaven and have a covey of virgins for their pleasure. With seeing pictures of virgins like Susan Boyle I suspect this may have changed some minds. Hearing a beautiful voice in the promised land is probably not what the bombers had in mind.

Anyway, the people who have been the terrorist and doing the bombing are all swarthy looking, so it makes sense to pull these people aside for a little more frisking. Some groups in Arizona are opposed to the new law that allows a policeman to check and see if they are an illegal alien. I guess they just want our borders to be completely open so Mexicans can pour across for free medical care and every other right granted to a US citizen. It’s okay for them to come across but they should do so in an orderly manner and be granted a work permit and the opportunity to become a citizen if they want to pursue this. After all, they are the only ones who do the manual work in this country. How are the authorities in Arizona going to identify illegals if they don’t ask? I seriously doubt if the authorities in Arizona would be asking blacks or grey-headed grandmothers if they are an illegal from Mexico. Maybe another option is just to annex the entire nation of Mexico and add that to the national debt since it is already so much it really doesn’t matter. Bring on the Muslims and everyone. Bring us your tired and hungry and we will care for them all as we disappear into the sink hole of debt..

So, if there were any authorities to check out the destruction of my yard by something eating all the plants, I would say look for a four-legged creature that looks like a big Bambi and don’t bother the elderly couple who walk by my porch every morning. I’m afraid to say anything about my problem because our Salado police would probably end up water boarding the elderly couple to get a confession.


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