Monday, June 14, 2010

I have written before about my love for the old Southwest Conference. I grew up with those football rivalries and always looked forward to the champion playing in the Cotton Bowl. I loved stars like Doak Walker and Bobby Layne. When the Big 12 came along I really lost interest, but still followed my losing Baylor team because it is my Alma Mater. I never expected Baylor to win but have been very proud of them in the past few years with Men’s and Lady Bears Basketball.

The latest shuffling with the PAC 10 has been sickening. It all boils down to money. PAC 10 persuaded Colorado to join and they are nothing. I don’t think Colorado even has a baseball team. I hope this whole shuffling process blows up in the face of the PAC 10 big wigs.

It would be great if the Texas teams could stick together in a conference of their own and again include schools like TCU, SMU, Rice and University of Houston. A rebirth of the old Southwest Conference would again make me a fan.

The college football teams no longer represent the student body of the schools. Each school has its own mini-pro team consisting of hired gladiators who are preparing themselves to become millionaires in the pros followed by a life of crime including; murderers, rapist, child molesters and drug addicts. Most of the apes playing football can hardly read. At least it gets them off the street for a while.

Even many years ago, when I was in Baylor, the football team was just above the ape on the evolutionary scale. A friend of mine was a tutor for the Baylor football team. I took a botany coarse with the team. They had access to the test for study and still flunked.

I do hope the Texas teams stay together, otherwise it is going to cost the state millions of dollars. Baylor would probably end up playing the Waco high schools and maybe even Temple. Temple is one they could probably beat as long as the Wildcats keep their current coach.

Well it doesn’t make much difference to me on the porch. I’m now more interested in watching the riots and the spectators getting trampled to death at the World Cup Soccer matches. Talk about a boring game, soccer is almost a bad as watching baseball on TV.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Kern Tipps must be rolling over in his grave with all this going on. You are right that all the schools do now is produce professional athletes with 8th grade educations who are paid millions of dollars to perform like circus animals. If I were younger I would bypass being a sports agent and would instead open a chain of gentlemen's clubs with drugs and steroids provided at the door along with AIDS testing. I would be richer than Drayton McLane....

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