Thursday, May 27, 2010

The oil spill is the dominant news item this week as the disaster has worsened. The flow of oil from the blowout has remained unchecked for over thirty days. The beaches of Louisiana are now coated with oil and the black stuff has made its way into the marshlands and is destroying precious wildlife. The tourist industry has been crippled and the fishing business devastated. The economy of the whole place is in peril.

The news coverage is interesting. CNN seems to have more people on the scene. CNN stresses the negative and sensational. Anderson Cooper is always in the middle of a disaster. The emphasis on the coverage is on the blame game. Everyone was initially blaming BP and the BP people were blaming each other as well as the folks who make the cement and everything else associated with drilling. Now the blame is focusing on the government and Obama is taking heat. Poor George Bush has even been blamed because of allowing offshore drilling. Fingers are pointing in every direction. I can’t find out what is happening with the spill because of the shouting and finger pointing.

The coverage by Fox has been poor. The world could be ending from the hit of an asteroid and Glenn Beck would be talking about how we are becoming a socialist nation and Bill O’Reilly would be listening to himself talk. The major networks give only limited coverage at 5:30PM and through the local channels. The world could be ending and the major networks would still be airing things like Dancing With the Stars and CSI.

Radio is basically worthless as far as news is concerned. They have the programmed country music and nothing interrupts that. I have heard the tornado sirens blasting away and the local stations are oblivious to a disaster.

I don’t know why I even listen to the news. The stuff that comes over the air just disturbs the tranquility of the porch. I’m sure the oil leak will eventually stop just like all bleeding eventually stops.
I just wish Bush and Obama would not have let this happen


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