Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have always been intrigued by Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. I can’t buy the whole thing, but I do think we have evolved within our species and in some aspects we have reached the pinnacle and are now headed in the other direction. There is even evidence that we are moving in both directions. In recent years, some have become stronger physically as evidenced by the many sporting world records that have been broken. Of course, steroids, shoes and equipment have contributed to much of this advance in physical feats. It is confusing, because when we see the specimens on the football field it’s a good argument that we are going back to ape status. We have certainly regressed in music as we hear the deafening sounds of rock and rap.

Certainly, the human brain has advanced in many areas. There have been numerous, startling inventions and discoveries such as the airplane, automobile, rockets, computers, television, antibiotics, DNA, birth control pills and the ability to create life by cloning. We have even put a man on the moon and invented an atomic bomb to destroy the human race. Advances in the ability to communicate are phenomenal, starting from drums and smoke signals and progressing to the telegraph, telephone, e-mail and now text messaging. With things like the iphone and the new ipad we literally have the world in our hands through the internet. Through satellite contact, we are anywhere on the planet and beyond with the speed of light.

With all these advances, in many ways, we seem to be moving backward with communication. We have lost our ability to write a letter or to communicate in longhand. We were typing, but this has evolved into text messaging. Facebook and other media allow us to stay in contact, but with a more abbreviated language. Text messaging resorts to all sorts of abbreviations and symbols. This is even spilling over to oral communication. Teenagers speak in rapid high pitch tones for speed and no one seems to articulate their words or speak distinctly. It’s enough to drive Professor Higgins of “My Fair Lady” crazy. Soon we will be communicating with mere grunts and groans. I ask you, what kind of words are; AML, NE, RUCMNG, BCNU, D8, XO, LOL, NBO, NP, ADBB and ☺. Why can’t the English learn to speak?

Yes, I think I believe in evolution. We are now going the other way. At least we can’t return to a fish, because the ocean is filled with oil and that would guarantee our extinction. I hope I can just stabilize on the porch even though no one understands my archaic language.


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Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Write a letter? Most of this generation cannot sit across a table and have a conversation in person, much less write a letter.

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