Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The oil spill story and BP got a little relief from the media this week when everything focused on the big mouth of General Stanley McChrystal, the military commander in Afghanistan. McChrystal bad-mouthed the President and his administration about their understanding and support of the war in Afghanistan. His remarks were published in the Rolling Stone magazine and infuriated the President. He has been summoned to the White House and will likely be fired or forced to resign.

McChrystal is a hyperactive, brilliant guy who sleeps four hours a night, runs seven miles a day and eats one meal a day. I think he has spouted off because he wants, personally, to get out of Afghanistan, and doesn’t want our failure there to go down as his fault. Even with the big troop surge that McChrystal requested we are fighting a losing battle. The ignorant people of that country don’t want to be liberated or change their ways. They are content with Taliban rule and continuing their miserable existence in the Stone Age. All they care about is living in the dirt, starving, growing dope and keeping the women enslaved and pregnant. They are happy to not shave or bath and just squat all day. We will never kill Osama bin Laden in those mountains protected by unbathed guys with rocket launchers slung over their shoulders. We don’t even know what these people look like. They are completely covered from head to toe with a dirty sheet and carry a machine gun. The only body part exposed is a dirty beard. As far as we can tell our troops are just firing into the wind. Our soldiers are marching up and down the road tripping roadside bombs and leaving their arms and legs behind. We never even see the enemy. All we have accomplished in our several years of fighting is to maim many American kids who now have to face life as amputees and try to function on artificial limbs with markedly disfigured bodies.

McChrystal realizes all these problems, and the hopelessness of our situation. He has found a way out. He will come out a hero. If he leaves his post and we lose, he can always say it wasn’t his fault because the administration didn’t listen to him. If by some miracle we win, which is highly unlikely, he will claim it was his troop surge and strategy that led us to victory. In any event, he will leave the military and get a high paying job as a CEO of some company and make millions. He will also give speeches at $100,000 a pop. The loser in the whole affair will ultimately be President Obama and the American people. Osama bin Laden will remain hidden in the mountains terrorizing the world.

Unfortunately, Afghanistan will go down as another one of our lost wars that was unnecessary. The only way to have won in Afghanistan would have been to sterilize the entire place with a few well placed nukes, but that would have been barbaric and not fighting fairly. It’s more proper to crash planes into the World Trade Center Towers. It’s almost as bad as the losing battle I fight with the deer in my backyard. My command post is the porch but it’s sure a lot nicer that the miserable place where McChrystal lives. No wonder he wants out


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