Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In years past my main sources of information were the newspaper, radio and TV. Now that I’m retired the main source is my spouse via of the beauty shop. The beauty shop is proving to be much quicker and more reliable that he previous methods.

This week the First Baptist Church in Temple burned. My wife’s appointment at the beauty shop is at 7:30 AM. The fire started about 5:30AM and my wife knew the details soon after she arrived for her appointment. She called and filled me in on all the details. I tuned into the local radio station, which has absolutely no local coverage. We could be having a deadly tornado or earthquake and all we would hear is the morning commentator bad mouthing the liberals and President Obama. Radio no longer exists to inform the public about news events. It’s all preprogrammed stuff or political commentators, bad music and horrible advertisements. In contrast, when I was a kid we had good shows like; Lum and Abner, Green Hornet, Fibber McGee and Molly and a lot of other great entertainment. I also liked to tune into the Joe Louis fights and other sporting events. We also had news.

The TV is not a lot better. The main news channels are CNN and Fox and it’s all national stuff about politics, liberals, conservatives and panels of these people screaming at each other. The programs by the main networks are of no interest to me. I really don’t care about survivors on some island or jungle and idols and awards ceremonies.

Recently, my former employee was about to negotiate the purchase of another hospital. I was told by a board member that this was top secret stuff and not to breath a word about it. The day after I was provided this confidential information, my spouse was informed of the details at the beauty shop.

The beauty and barbershops are also excellent sources of information about the current political situation and upcoming elections. They are usually much more accurate than the national polls. The beauty shop information center is also great because there is a lot of neat gossip about things like; affairs, divorces, deaths, sickness, bargains at various stores and of even greater importance, healthcare advice. The beauty operators are great doctors as well as counselors and their fees are not much different.

Anyway, I’m provided all this great information on the porch without even turning a dial or changing a channel. I hope Michelle Obama gets her hair done at a beauty shop. She could give Barack some tips on how to run the country to get his healthcare bill passed and the troops home.


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