Thursday, December 31, 2009

It’s the last day of 2009 and as I look back on 09 it’s very scary and as I look ahead it’s even more scary. The threat of terrorism continues and the war in the Middle East has expanded. Our economy has suffered and the national debt has become an enormous burden for future generations. The coming year will see healthcare reform, that is much needed, but Congress has constructed a bloated monster. The planet will continue to melt and unemployment shows no signs of abatement.

I know of some folks who are preparing survival kits, including the purchase of property in the hope that they may sustain themselves in the event of economic collapse or a complete Muslim takeover. Unfortunately, there is no way to escape the approaching mayhem. Most if us have become soften city folks with loose of the ability to till the soil, dig a well. milk a cow or slaughter a hog. Being able to use a computer, text message and work the remote for the TV may not be the skills necessary to sustain us in the future. Even my fortifications on the porch are insufficient to weather the approaching storms. I have nothing but books and they have only made matters worse by giving me insight into the chaos which best describes today’s world. The only bright news regarding the books is that some of them also give us hope. Believe it or not, things have been worse according to some of the stories I read. The Revolutionary War, Civil War, Great Depression and World War II were also tough times and we made it through.

So, with the dawn of 2010 I am going to read those books that give me some hope for the future. I’m going to try and remain optimistic even about healthcare. It will be nice that many folks who are uninsured will have the security of knowing that they have healthcare coverage even though others are going to have to pay the tab and suffer some lose in their coverage. All of us will have to wait and be inconvenienced as we try to obtain care from unwilling and inadequate providers. I’m going to spend the next few months reading the 2000 page healthcare document so I can learn about my benefits and, more importantly, what has been taken away.

Anyway, Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is a better one for everybody except the deer in my back yard.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I fear that you are correct on all points, Doc. All we can all do is what we do and that is pretty meager these days. In my dream world 2010 will bring an abolition of cell phones and swift execution of all corrupt polticians right after a tidal wave of Biblical proportions wipes out all Muslim nations everywhere. Finally a plague even worse than the Pharoah's will kill all communists and green peace people and a swarm of locusts will gnaw the flesh of all members of PETA, ACORN and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition to the point that they will care about nothing but where to get their next bottle of calomine lotion.

But all of that is in my dream world so instead I will just get ready for another tax season and help the government rob from the so-called rich and give to the richer..........

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