Friday, January 08, 2010

College football ended for the season with Alabama defeating Texas for the national championship. The outcome may have been different if the great Texas quarterback Colt McCoy had not been injured in the first quarter. I felt sorry for the freshman backup quarterback, Garrett Gilbert, but he almost pulled it off when Texas came within 3 points. The Alabama coaching, the star Mark Ingram and the rest of the Crimson Tide were just too much for the Longhorns.

It’s amazing how the strength of one person makes the team. McCoy was the strength and soul of the team. On a much smaller scale the same thing happened to Baylor when their quarterback Robert Griffin injured his knee at the beginning of the season and Baylor when down the tube after that.

Last nights game was a rare thing because they actually showed some of the half time show with the marching bands of each school. That is my favorite part because it reminds me of my marching days in high school. The usual halftime is filled with beer commercials and some former big time athletes who are now high paid announcers making comments about stuff I already know or advising what the losing teams needs to do in the second half.

I didn’t need to look at Colt McCoy’s X-Ray to tell that he didn’t break or separate anything. Unfortunately, it sounds like he may have a nerve injury and I suspect he is having an MRI done today. I’ll bet he doesn’t have any trouble getting worked into someone’s schedule.

Football season is almost over and now all we have to do now is watch the Dallas Cowboys get eliminated from the playoffs. I’m just happy I can watch things from the porch on my HDTV, if I choose, rather than fight a crowd of 100,000 people. I know it must be fun but it is a long and expensive trip home for Texas fans.

With 18 degree weather outside, it’s just nice being on the warm porch.


Blogger Michelle Montgomery Wright said...

Have a little more faith in the Cowboys. They are now breaking all kinds of records!

9:45 AM  
Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I have learned to be disappointed by the Cowboys since I was in grade school so I feel like a seasoned veteran at it now.

It is a shame that young men like Colt McKoy and Jordan Shipley must now enter the ranks of the overpaid and underachieving NFL stars. We can only hope that they keep and openly practice their faith as they have during their time at Texas. I have followed them both over the years and between the two of them they have converted more sinners than a tent revival preacher.......

2:36 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Longhorns - McCoy = losers

Baylor - Griffin = losers

Cowboys - Tom Landry = losers

4:04 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Longhorns - McCoy = losers

Baylor - Griffin = losers

Cowboys - Tom Landry = losers

4:05 PM  

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