Thursday, September 10, 2009

Everyone forgot what President Obama was talking about the other night when he addressed Congress and Joe Wilson, Congressman from South Carolina, shouted “you lie.” Today the news has been filled with comments about the Congressman’s outburst. The inappropriate remark has overshadowed the issue of Healthcare reform and has shed more bad light on the recalcitrant Republicans. It has set the Republicans back in their effort to oppose a Public Option and the inevitable increase in national debt and higher taxes.

When I criticize a Southern-brethren I realize I am criticizing myself; however, I am a little different breed called a Redneck. Southerners are from, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia or South Carolina and are arrogant, stupid, hot-headed and loudmouthed. Rednecks are from Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana or Texas and are just plain stupid. There are the border states like Oklahoma, Kentucky, North Carolina and Florida who are so bland they lack any distinctive characteristics.

The Southerners was best described in the great novel “Gone With the Wind.” The character Rhett Butler summed it up very well. At the beginning of the story the Plantation owners were having a big party at Twelve Oaks. They were drinking brandy, smoking cigars and talking about war and how they could beat the Yankees. Rhett Butler said, “it’s hard winning a war with words…all we’ve got is cotton, slaves and arrogance.”

Joe Wilson demonstrated his true Southern background. His arrogance, hot-headedness, stupidity and one word destroyed the Republican position on healthcare reform and has probably lost him a position in Congress for the next election. His is marked for life with that single word and his rude outburst.

The sad thing about Joe Wilson is that he is probably right. Obama is probably lying and health care will be provided to illegal aliens. Obama really wants a complete government run program or a so-called Public Option. During his campaign he said that the government program is what he favored. I am sure that some variation of his proposal will pass with the Public Option. This will be a crack in the door, sort of like the levee breaking in New Orleans. Soon the whole city was covered in water and so will health care become a totally government program.

I’m just thankful to be on the porch and not practicing medicine anymore. I’m thinking about moving my bed onto the porch and just taking up permanent residence under the sheets in hopes of not getting sick or injured. I just hate being directed to a government panel who will determine I’m not deserving of care and I will be sent to the gas chamber.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

It is a sad state of affairs. I am 100% sure that Obama is lying because I have read three different parts of the proposed bill that absolutely spell out that illegals will be covered under the bill. Unfortunately for Joe Wilson this is not the United States of America anymore. The uproar is more like unto Soviet Russia, Cuba or Iran or North Korea. We are not allowed to disagree with our Fuehrer here any longer and certainly not in public. If we do we are called "mobs" and branded. Probably the best thing to do with Joe Wilson would be to do what they would do in the aforementioned countries and just put him before a firing squad and get it over with. Then Obama and Acorn could just go through the process of appointing someone more agreeable to his seat...........

6:51 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

A patient from the VA the other day asked another doc up here I work with, "why didn't the VA take care of this 6 years ago when they knew about it?" The doc should have responded, because you chose the "public option".

1:43 PM  

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