Thursday, April 23, 2009

Times are definitely changing. This week the law has now made it okay for 17-year-old girls to purchase the morning after contraceptive pill. It was also reported that a large percentage of 13 and 14 year old girls send nude photos of themselves over the internet to their boyfriends. Recently, President Obama had a sign covered that made reference to Jesus that was located behind the podium where he was speaking. Reports indicate that church attendance has dropped in all denominations. I hate to sound like a preacher, but we are becoming a secular and immoral nation. I don’t know where this will all lead but it will be interesting to see what a Godless Society may hold for my grandkids. The one advantage of getting old is that I won’t be around to see what happens.

It’s hard to imagine what things will like 50 years from now. Maybe kids will be going to school nude and beds will be available for them to copulate. Violence in the movies has already reached a fever pitch and maybe they will just have live action shoot-outs and wrecks on the street for everyone to view first hand. Movies will probably be all porno and new movie houses may occupy the old empty churches. Same sex marriage will be commonplace and marriage between humans and animals may be in vogue. Narcotics will be legalized and may likely be purchased over the counter along with Viagra and steroids. All kinds of new enhancement drugs will probably be available.

New medical specialties will develop like a transgender specialist and a specialty for body enhancement. Mental health services will be in great demand to help people figure out who and what they are and who or what they should marry. Marriage may not even be an institution.

I’m pretty sure that books will be eliminated. The written word will all be through text messaging. Electronic gaming will probably replace human conversation so the primary contact with others will be purely for sexual gratification.

I realize that every older generation criticizes the young and harps on the degeneration of our youth. Turns out they have been right all these years. We are degenerating. It’s like the current economic situation where we are wondering when things are going to bottom out. It seems like we are getting pretty close to the bottom.

No doubt about it. I’m getting old and cantankerous. I’m just glad to stay confined to the porch. National Geographic remains my main porno magazine and I am happy to watch an occasional rerun of a Billy Graham Revival. I don’t trust any other TV Evangelist and everything else on TV is a reflection of our decadent society.


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