Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How arrogant and greedy can you get? The AIG executives who got the big bonuses for bringing their company to its knees and precipitating the world financial meltdown take the prize. After the government multibillion dollar bailout at the taxpayers expense these guys make off with millions while the rest of us lose our lives savings.

US Senator Charles Grassly, who heads the Senate Finance Committee, has suggested that the AIG executives should do like the disgraced Japanese and commit suicide. The main difference between the executives on Wall Street today and those during the crash of 1929 is that no one is jumping out windows today. That’s unfortunate. We should have buildings like in the old days when the windows opened.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is also under fire because he should have known what AIG is doing with the money. The government is 80% owner of AIG and Geithner is really the boss. Geithner is good about overlooking things. He’s the one who failed to pay a large chunk of income tax last year.

I have always been a little scared of walking down a dark alley or going into the bad part of town for fear of being robbed. I am also very careful to look for suspicious characters in the parking lot of Walmart or the mall. Fortunately, I have never been robbed in any of these scary places. I have been robbed just sitting here on my sacred and secure porch. The greedy white-collar guys on Wall Street have made off with a large chunk of my savings and never even held a gun to my head. I was just too trusting and ignorant to defend myself.

I’m afraid there is no safe place to go. I thought about cashing everything in and taking it to the church safe but from the recent fund raising activities at my church it’s less safe there than in the hands of the AIG executives. I need not worry. I’m being depleted so rapidly there is really nothing to hide. Just hope the deer keep coming to my back yard. They can provide me with a source of food when times get really hard. In the meantime, I hope the AIG executives are having a good time at my expense.


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