Monday, April 20, 2009

Former President Jack Kennedy must be turning over in his grave from the recent actions of President Barack Obama regarding Cuba. President Obama was recently at the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad where he met with Latin American leaders. He gave a big handshake to Venezuelan President (Dictator) Hugo Chavez. He announced that he is willing to have a new beginning with Cuba and Fidel’s brother Raul is delighted. Raul said, “he is now ready to discuss anything with Washington.” We have also made recent overtures to Iran about discussions and new beginnings.

We now seem to be coddling up to the communist, madmen and dictators of the world. Those folks are now much more willing to accept us because we are becoming like them. Our recent actions of bailouts along with the government take over of banks and the auto industry have moved us to a more socialist state. Our president is even able to fire the CEOs of some of these companies. Medicine is now on the chopping block for government take over.

Maybe all these actions are absolutely necessary for our survival. Our country has become so large and heterogeneous that capitalism may not work particularly since there are so many greedy folks on Wall Street and running our large companies. It’s time for us all to adopt the current standard of living in Cuba, Iran and North Korea. It’s time for us to stop providing aid to so many third world companies and be getting some of their help for our survival. We need to go ahead and give our supply of fissionable nuclear material to Iran and North Korea and save them the trouble and expense. With our new state of affairs we really don’t
need any nuclear material.

Chevez even gave President Obama a copy of his favorite book, “Open Veins of Latin America: Five Generations of the Pillage of a Continent.” The book is a favorite of leftist and is about how foreign interest have dominated and afflicted Latin America. I only wish Obama had given Chevez a copy of the Bible, which is a book about how foreign interest and a Jew from the Middle East help dominate and shape our culture.

Maybe the new open relationship with Cuba won’t be all bad. I have always wanted to go there to see Hemingway’s home. He is one of my favorites authors and I understand that Castro has preserved his home. The problem is that with the new order of things I probably won’t have the money to make the trip. Oh well, I ‘ll just have to be content with again reading “A Farewell to Arms” on the porch after I have read a chapter in the book I wish Obama had given Chevez.


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