Sunday, March 22, 2009

It was recently reported that the birth rate in the US was up last year. There were 4,317,119 births in 2008, which is the largest number since 1957. There is good news and bad news in this number.

The good news is that each woman in the US has an average of 2.1 babies. This is the magic number necessary for a population to replace itself. I don’t know if any of these kids will ever work but they are the ones who will be paying the huge national debt we are rapidly accumulating. They will, hopefully, be able to fund things like Social Security and National Healthcare to take care of the old folks. Countries like Japan and Italy, where the birth rate has fallen, are going to have difficulty in the future without enough workers to pay for all the social programs.

The bad or sad news is that many births are following the lead of Sarah Palin’s daughter. 40% of the births are out of wedlock. Marriage is just not the in thing anymore. Most folks have the morals of an alley cat or act like some of the primitive societies. Guys just don’t seem to accept responsibility for becoming fathers. The guy who was going to marry Palin’s daughter said that they just need time to grow up before consider marrying. What about the poor baby who is left without a father? Guys like this should be taken out and shot and not be allowed to pray before the execution.

It’s pretty phenomenal with modern birth control and abortions that the birth rate is increasing. There must be a lot of breeding going on out there. I have heard people, who have visited refugee camps where people are starving and covered with flies, say that they see these folks copulating in the open before they die. It’s an amazing emotion and drive by all of us in the animal kingdom. The monkeys and other animals of the jungle are often more dignified and responsible about the act than the human species.

Anyway, I encourage the young folks to keep up the good work. I was beginning to worry that I would have to leave the porch and go back to work to help pay off the national debt.


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