Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who can we believe? Does anyone tell the truth? It seems like everyone who testifies before Congress ends up telling a lie. It’s all the way from baseball players lying about being on steroids to politicians lying about everything. The latest is that the newly appointed senator from Illinois, Roland Burris. lied when he initially claimed he had no contact with ousted Governor Rod Blogojevich. He now claims he had contact with some of the Governor’s people. Isn’t all this called perjury? The interesting thing is that when these folks get caught lying they never go to jail. Most don’t even say I’m sorry.

I’m beginning to doubt everyone. Medical science is sure filled with a lot of misinformation. It may not be an outright lie but there are some mighty big stretchers. For years we have been filling kids with cold medicine that is worthless and down right harmful. Now they are saying all the vitamins that were essential are really not needed. Most of the over the counter medicine is of limited and unproven value. We just believe the drug companies who are out to make a buck regardless of the truth. Even a lot of the drugs prescribed don’t do what they are claimed to do. Doctors prescribed hormones for postmenopausal women telling them it wouldn’t cause cancer when in fact it does. They did some of this in ignorance of the real scientific facts but there was always question and doubt that was ignored.

We sure can’t believe the folks who distribute some of our food. They will distribute salmonella tainted peanut butter even knowing it is contaminated. At least the peanut butter CEO didn’t lie to Congress. He just took the 5th amendment, which means I’m guilty.

Now we learn some truth about global warming. The news today stated that many states in the north have had the coldest winter in decades. NASA also reported that there is an increase in sea ice and that the ice cap in the Antarctica is getting ticker and larger as the Artic decreases in size. What is really happening? What is the truth? Also, what about the price of oil? The cost of a barrel of oil is going down but the price if a gallon of gas is again going up. Someone is tooling us around with a big lie. Who can we believe?

I love the porch more than most any place in the world. It’s a place where the truth is spoken except when the TV is on. There are no sports celebrities, politicians, CEOs, lawyers, TV evangelist and others in the lying trade allowed on the porch. It’s mainly just my spouse and she is the most honest person I have ever known.


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