Saturday, August 30, 2008

Politics is amazing. It’s much like the entertainment business. Obama’a performance on the last night of the convention was like a giant half-time show at the Super Bowl. McCain is right, Obam is like a rock star. I was also reminded of a Billy Graham Crusade. All we needed was for folks to come forward at the end of his sermon. It was a good speech and he had a great message. It remains to be seen as to how much he can really do after being elected. Following him is a lot like a religious conversion. Folks are all heated up at the time of the revival but often fall back to their old ways after the emotions have cooled.

The latest big news was John McCain’s choice for Vice-President. Hardly anyone has heard of Sarah Palin. I thought Obama was inexperienced but Palin takes the prize. She has been governor of Alaska since 2006 and prior to this she was mayor of a small town in Alaska. It’s real shaky picking someone with that background to back a 72-year-old man as leader of the world’s greatest power. Just think, she is a heartbeat away from the presidency. I’m sure she was picked in hopes of getting Hillary’s followers. The state of Alaska has about as much political clout as Salado. I wonder if she can even pronounce the name of Iran’s president. The possibility of having her in the oval office is scary. Her main qualification is that she was president of PTA. That should give her all the experience necessary for dealing with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and the like. She is also the mother of five children and one is a Downs Syndrome. Maybe she will have at least 30 minutes a day for the job of Vice-President or President after bedtime stories and prayers.

McCain should have picked one of the girls on the Chinese gymnastic team. They already possess one of the greatest attributes of a politician; they can lie. Obama says he is going to cut taxes for 95% of Americans. Do we really believe that? It’s really hard for me to have confidence in anyone.

There is still nobody to represent me. I’m thinking of starting my own country on the porch. I have two daughters-in-law who have had extensive experience in the PTA and have served as presidents of the organization. One has even been a Cub Scout den mother. My daughter has been the leader of a Girl Scout troop for several years and should, at least, be Secretary of State. My partner will also qualify for an important position since she was a Cub Scout leader and secretary of the PTA when our children were in school. My partner could even qualify to be dictator since she has had absolute authority in our family for years. We are ready and qualified to take over and handle such problems as the economy, the war on terrorism, global warming and the energy crisis. We can put a lot of people to work just doing yard work and cleaning the house. The first thing we plan to do as a country is apply for aid from the USA. The new administration of that country should be willing to hand out the money they will have from taxing the rich. We should be in pretty good shape for a big loan and don’t even have to worry about paying it back. We may be lucky and even have Jimmy Carter bring a big truck-load of money to the house. I will even allow him to speak on the front porch since they didn’t permit him to say anything at the Democratic National Convention. All of this is going to be great and a lot of fun. We don’t even have to worry about our leaders not having a Harvard MBA or Law Degree to run our little country on the porch. The PTA is great training experience. We can even train our army by having them shot the deer.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

As soon as your country is formed please consider me for your director of your country's FEMA. I have decided that is really my calling. Never has there been an agency that passes out so much money to so many people with absolutely no proof that they need it or even are who they say they are. FEMA is our country at its chickens, free pots, free water to boil them in and free $$$ if you need more chickens. Just give me the job, after a trip to HEB, WalMart and the gas station, not to mention the Scott & White Pharmacy, I am an expert at getting fleeced.....

7:49 AM  
Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Doc, I have given my first comment some thought and must ask you to REMOVE MY NAME from consideration as your country's FEMA director. I have some skeletons that could prove costly to you. In the 2nd grade I put some bubble gum in a girl's hair, in junior high I threw some eggs at a car one night, in high school I peeked at Steve Cowan's mid-term chemistry exam to keep from flunking. Finally a few years ago I found a $5 bill on the WalMart parking lot and I kept it. I am sure there are other transgressions that I am forgetting and I don't want to cause you or new country any problems.......I do not have any pregnant children that I know about but I don't know if I totally trust my granddaughter's weenie dog that is pretty sneaky..

11:35 AM  

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