Thursday, September 04, 2008

In my past few blog entries I have poked a little fun at Sarah Palin. I take everything back. Her speech was great and she is one tough independent lady. The only difference between her and a pit bull is the lipstick. She has taken a lot of abuse from the press in the past few days and tonight she let everyone know that she is not concerned about what they think but cares most about serving the American people.

I have been wondering how she will survive a debate with Joe Biden. Now I am wondering how he will survive with Sarah Palin at his throat. His transplanted hair may fall out.

She got to the truth about Obama’s position regarding taxes. Taxes will go up for businesses, and for those earning a living. The tax increases will be necessary to support his many entitlement programs. I am far from rich but I will be paying more taxes and my meager savings will further dwindle.

What I liked most about Palin’s speech and delivery was her poise, humor, appropriate sarcasm and clarity. Her facial expressions were priceless as she ripped Obama. Her PTA and Soccer Mom training paid off, it sure beats a Harvard MBA or Law degree. I now wish it was a Palin/McCain ticket rather than McCain/Palin. Palin is young enough that she may be ale to make a run for it after Obama has surrendered to Al Qaeda in his first term as President. It may be harder for her to take back over from a Muslim dominated America but I think she can do it.

It’s impossible to get a flight into Alaska this week because all the seats are taken by investigative reporters descending on the place. They are looking for anything in Palin’s past to discredit her. The latest bit of dirt is that her hairdresser got a parking ticket a couple of years ago. It’s also rumored that her father received a ticket in 1964 for jay walking on a Boy Scout patrol day in her hometown.

The Washington elite set is infuriated because she isn’t a Harvard or Yale graduate and doesn’t have an MBA or law degree from one of those places. Even the Hollywood crowd is speechless after the bold self-introduction of this pit bull of a maverick. She is as close to an independent as we will ever get and that makes die hard Democrats and Republicans very uncomfortable.

God may have sent Hurricane Gustav to spoil the beginning of the Republican Convention but he also sent Sarah Palin to shakeup America and those who want to destroy us. To borrow a few words from JFK, let the word go out that the torch has been passed to a feisty young lady.

Meanwhile, on the porch, I have even turned the TV back on. I want to watch Sarah Palin and also be able to mute Larry King. Everyone is shocked about Palin’s 17 year old daughter and her pregnancy but no one says anything about Larry King divorcing Shawn Southwick his seventh wife. That’s okay because he is a man and a liberal. I have to end the blog with that so I can go throw up.


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