Thursday, August 21, 2008

The chief of police in Belton announced his retirement this week. I think the city manger and other officials in Belton should go to Beijing to recruit a new police chief and additional patrolman. The officers in China should be familiar with the strong-arm tactics now being used in Belton. The recent uprising related to Tibet and the experience in handling the Olympics should have provided the Chinese recruits good training for the job in Belton.

Pictured above is a couple of Chinese cops giving a signal to turn right or is it left. It actually means full speed straight ahead. That is another way of reducing their overpopulation problem. There are many others just waiting in line to get a job as a cop or anything else. The greatest job opportunity in China is now as a painter in a toy factor. These folks are in high demand to apply poisonous paint to toys being shipped to the US.

It’s a good time for the Belton officials to visit Beijing. They can take in the Olympics. There is really not much to see other than the Great Wall and the Panda bears because everything else is mask by the thick smog in that country. Pictured above is a member of the Chinese Olympic swim team. Age is no problem with their athletes. Some of the best members of their gymnastics team are toddlers and boy can they tumble and handle themselves on the bars. While in China the Belton folks can also pick up a car load of infant girls for adoption to save them from execution by the government.

China is a great country. They are becoming the world power to contend with. They now own most of the banks in the US and could shut us down in a moments notice. I think Russia is really jealous of China and the US. Russia is now in third place with the Olympic medals so they have flexed their muscle by invading Georgia. It’s like beating their chest and letting out a big yell from the Russian bear. All this international politics is interesting. It makes about as much sense as the stock market.

My partner and I frequently have our meals on the porch. Tonight I think we will eat a bowl of rice on the porch to celebrate China’s emerging dominance with everything in the world. I just noticed that the dishes we will be using for our meal have “Made In China” stamped on the bottom. Just hope they are not covered with a lethal dose of lead.


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