Monday, April 28, 2008

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is at it again. He was quiet for a few days but his tongue is now unleashed and he is digging a deeper hole for Barack Obama. He is on a speaking tour and claims that the African–American Churches are misunderstood by the whites, that have a different culture. He claims he owes no one an apology because the whites have not apologized for slavery and racism.

It seems that he is just stirring the pot of racism and driving Obams’s white supporters toward Clinton and McCain. The polls are already showing that Clinton would do better against McCain than Obama. The Democrats are just shooting themselves in the foot with this whole affair. I haven’t heard about Ralph Nader since he threw his hat in the ring, but he may turn out to be our best candidate.

It’s unfortunate that preachers, black or white, use the pulpit for purposes other than religion. I always thought that the main purpose of church was to worship God, to praise him and to learn how we can best serve and follow him. In the Christian church, Jesus is the main topic of discussion. I hope that Rev. Wright mentions Jesus from time to time and not just dwell on how badly America has treated the blacks.

Even the Pope, on his recent visit to the US, seemed to dwell more on the misbehavior of the priests and the sex scandals rather than talk about Jesus. At least that’s the way the press made it sound.
The weird Mormon polygamist bunch in San Angelo seem to have emphasized their multiple sex partners and teenage sexual activities rather than the Jesus they are suppose to worship. I haven’t heard anything about God or Jesus from that bunch. This again, may be the press speaking.

So, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is not alone in preaching and emphasizing issues that seem to have little to do with God. The membership in the Christian churches has declined and it’s easy to understand why. The Baptist now seem to be more concerned with the type service that is most appealing and the kind of music to sing. The Catholics are mad and scared of the priest. The Jews have been very quiet lately and must be preparing to defend themselves against the Muslims. The Muslims are busy bad- mouthing everyone else and threatening to chop the heads off all us infidels. The most sacred and reverent place I can now find is my porch.


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