Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I surrender!! I guess there is no choice for president except Obama. Today, the famous rock star, Bruce Springsteen endorsed him. That endorsement clenches it for me. How can you argue with a backing like that? Oprah also has me convinced because what she says is always right. Oprah, of course, is a big advocate of the New Age Movement. Obama is most likely the Messiah of the New Age.

We certainly have change awaiting us. Christian churches are down the tube as well as the American flag. If Obama isn’t elected then we will likely have a race war or the American cities will be burned to the ground. So, we have no choice. Convert to Islam; do away with the American flag and all things American. Disband the military and destroy all nuclear weapons.

I’m glad I revisited Washington DC a few months ago to again see the memorials and the Smithsonian. All these structures can be bulldozed. Sure hate to see the new museum at Mount Vernon go, it was full of great exhibits about our history and the American Revolution. It’s time for a new revolution and one is which the Muslim, Blacks and minorities will triumph. At least, there will no longer be an oil shortage; there will be no need for it.

I have always refused to believe in a conspiracy theory, but now I suspect there is a group of powerful folks plotting a new world order. Celebrities and candidates like Obama lead us down their chosen path. Folks like Oprah and Bruce Springsteen are major disciples. Bush may have even been a pawn in the new order. He got us into a war that is impossible to win and set our economy into a downward spiral and a perfect setup for the Triumph of The New Age and the election of Obama. Democrats may think they have regained the White House but it may be something much more sinister which they have yet to recognize.

Praise Allah and kill the infidels. I did have a picture on the porch of Jesus knocking at the door and another of him praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. I am having it replaced with one of Mohammad poised over a knelling Jesus whose head is placed over a block waiting beheading. Moses is in line to be next. The other thing interesting about my picture is that Mohammad has an unidentified man, which he doesn’t see, representing the New Age Movement, standing behind him with a large knife ready to thrust into his back. Weird stuff, but possibly true. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius and the New Age.


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