Thursday, May 31, 2007

I visited Hollywood a few years ago. Saw the stars in the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard and Grauman’s Chinese Theater as well as the famous sign on the hill that says Hollywood. We even ate lunch at the Beverley Hills Hotel but never saw a movie star even though we were looking very hard. Drove down Sunset Boulevard and crossed famous streets like Rodeo Drive and Vine. Fortunately, we were not run over by a drunken, drug-crazed star like Lindsay Lohan , Paris Hilton or Mel Gibson. Movie stars have always been wild and crazy but this behavior seems even more prevalent today. It’s not just alcohol but drugs and a mixture of both that cause much of the wild behavior.
Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful girl. I’ve never seen her movies and probably never will. The pictures of her on the internet are a knockout. I can’t tell if she is a blond or brunette. She wears her low cut dresses below the level of her breast so that everything is exposed. The paleness of her areolar tissue would suggest she may be blond but you would never know from the varying color of her hair. Whatever she may really look like, she seems very voluptuous with her umbilical ornamentation. With all of these fine physical attributes she recently wreaked her Mercedes while driving erratically on Sunset Boulevard. Turns out she was stoned out of her mind and is hooked on OxyContin.
When we were in Hollywood we even drove around looking for some of the homes where the stars live. There is not much to see and certainly you are not going to see a star out mowing their yard. Now days most of the stars live in Rehab centers. They check in and out of the centers on a daily basis going to buy more drugs and alcohol. They probably meet their publicist at hidden locations to pick up a new supply. The only other times they come out are to support a Democratic candidate for president, to espouse their liberal philosophy, and also to walk down the red carpet, partially nude, at the Academy Awards. During periods of relative sobriety they love to protest whatever war is going on or fly to a third world country to adopt a child.
Lindsay Lohan can look forward to spending a good portion of her young life in rehab between her periods of drunkenness. The next portion of her life will be an attempt to restore the youthfulness of her body through plastic surgery until she looks like a hide bound skeleton like Joan Rivers or Carol Burnett.
It’s all a sad situation that is the price of fame and beauty. It’s another reason for me to stay home, safely away from sunset Boulevard, and watch Dale Evans and Roy Rogers movies.


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