Friday, June 30, 2006

Saw Superman Returns. It was good but didn't quite measure up to the first Superman. Maybe it's my age but I couldn't hear much of the dialog. There are many inconsistencies in the plot for a die hard fan like me. Granddaughter MK didn't understand how Lois Lane could have a baby without being married. I wasn't about to answer that one. How he mustered the strength to lift that giant bolder with Kryptonite still sticking in him from the wound is beyond me. I'm going to get RFK to explain when he returns. There were many parallels between Superman and Christ, especially when he said the world needs a savior and he can hear and see everything. If he could see and hear everything, it's strange he didn't know where Lois and the kid were until she sent the fax.
Anyway, it's a good flick and worth seeing.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Former Senate Minority and Majority Leader, Tom Daschle, with his usual facial expression. Teacher of Harry Reid the other well know sour puss who was recently caught in the act of smiling. Daschle was never know to have smiled.
Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader, caught smiling. Produced severe facial lacerations and cause a major disturbance on Capitol Hill
The nations Capitol was literally shaken yesterday. At first, observers thought that the building had been struck by a terrorist plane. A reliable source, who prefers not to be named on the condition of anonymity, stated that the building quaked when Senate Minority leader, Harry Reid, actually smiled. Reid is a well know sour puss , who followed in the footsteps of the previous Senate Minority Leader, Tom Daschel, who was the Senate's all time chief sour puss and never smiled in his senate career.
The informant about the incident stated that Reid may have been smiling because of the flooding in the east coast which the Democrates plan to blame on President Bush who is responsible for global warming. The informant also stated Reid was transported to the the Washington Hospital Center suffering severe facial lacerations related to the crackes in his face resulting from the smile which opened huge crevices in his skin that had virtually turned to stone because of years of frowning and disuse.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At one time this was glamorous. Now it is lethal just to be in the room with someone like Audrey Hepburn.
The Surgeon General announced yesterday that second hand smoke was as bad for you as smoking. This means that you have a 50% increase for getting lung cancer if you smoke and a 50% increased if you are just around someone smoking. You also have a 50% increased risk with asbestosis exposure and a 50% increased risk if you have a family history of lung cancer. So, does this means if you walk into a building with asbestosis tiles and your father had lung cancer and you light up and are with someone who lights up, what happens, you explode.
The good news for smokers may relate to heart disease. If you do not have a family history of heart disease your risk is reduced by 50%. If you exercise it is reduced by 50%, if your weight is normal it is reduced by 50%, if you take statin drugs it is reduced by 30%, if you take aspirin it is reduced by 30%, if you eat only oatmeal it is reduced by 30%. This means your risk is reduced by 240% if you do all those things. Even if your risk is increased by 100% by smoking you are still 40% favorable if you do all the good things and smoke. You might even be able to drink some wiskey from time to time.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My favorite author. What fun it would be to meet him and have dinner. As Hemingway said, " All American Literature Begins with Huck Finn."
Working on project for SW history display and exhibit in new hospital. Exhibit is to primarily focus on donor appreciation and giving. History display will be inserts on wall with names of donors.
Wish the real history could be written. SW started KD but broke after fist fight between Sc and Dr. McK. Scott and White moved patients to Grundy house until purchase of a catholic convent which was to then serve as a hospital. SW then owned a building with Dr. Wos. Suit of Dr. Wos centered around SW and others being salaried which was considered the cooperate practice of medicine. Because of this landmark suit the Clinic and Foundation were established as separate entities. Clinic was a for profit and hospital/foundation a not for profit. The organization remained this way until the recent reorganization into all being nonprofit with the clinic as a subsidiary of the foundation and designated as a 501C4.
Wish all this could be part of the exhibit but it might cause an earthquake. It could be called the Rise and Fall of SW Clinic
Took Mag for a swimming lesson this morning. On arriving was informed that there were no group lessons at 10:00AM even though Ros had apparently arranged them through the phone recording machine. The instructors said that no one told them. Apparently talking into the recording machine goes into Cybespace and you might as well be speaking to the wall. It was just as well for Mag to not have lessons from the two teenagers who were total airheads. At least they are in no danger of drowning themselves because their heads will always remain afloat due to the large volume of air cccupying the skull rather than brain matter.

Monday, June 26, 2006

JLM's Journal
Had dinner on Sat with Bre and Ebe. Reminisced about S&W and changes. Eb retired because of technology and computers which he claims made him less efficient. Ate at Inn on Creek. New owner is new on staff in pulmonology and did his fellowship and residency at S&W. He didn't know Ebe or Bre and Bre is a retired pulmonologist. It doesn't take long to be forgotten. "There rose up a king who knew not Joseph."
Paule has been relieved of duties as board sec after 15 yrs as sec to that body and 30 years of employment at S&W. Thanks a lot. Fortunately she will return to rad even though her salary is to be reduced substantially.

Friday, June 23, 2006

An and I visited the Apple computer store in Austin last evening and Iwas very impressed with the iMac computer. It has an Intel chip and will allow me to use Microsoft Word and my power point presentations which are on my memory stick. It is fantastic for use in photography and internet. There is a built in camera for viewing others while on the net. It is virtually wireless, just the power cord an connection to the internet. The entire computer including DVD burner, speakers, etc are a part of the screen. I will probably purchase one.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Saw a great joke on internet yesterday. About fellow who needed to go to the Emergency Room and to avoid waiting he put a patch on his sleeve which said US Border Patrol. The ER cleared out.
You could take this a step further and place Border Patrol offices in Emergency Room. This would great reduce the number of visits and save dramatically on health care cost.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A is cooking with the girls today an having a ball. She is in her element. I must finish reading Al Capone Does My Shirts so that I may discuss the book with Mel, who is now further along in the book.
A is cooking with the girls today an having a ball. She is in her element. I must finish reading Al Capone Does My Shirts so that I may discuss the book with Mel, who is now further along in the book.
Grandkids visited last night. Watched the Dallas, Miami NBA playoff. Dallas lost in spite of several orginal cheerleader yells by the girls.
Ate at Little Mexico which is MW favorite place.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This is my favorite character in literature. Wish I could be like him in real life.
This is my first posting.