Thursday, June 29, 2006

The nations Capitol was literally shaken yesterday. At first, observers thought that the building had been struck by a terrorist plane. A reliable source, who prefers not to be named on the condition of anonymity, stated that the building quaked when Senate Minority leader, Harry Reid, actually smiled. Reid is a well know sour puss , who followed in the footsteps of the previous Senate Minority Leader, Tom Daschel, who was the Senate's all time chief sour puss and never smiled in his senate career.
The informant about the incident stated that Reid may have been smiling because of the flooding in the east coast which the Democrates plan to blame on President Bush who is responsible for global warming. The informant also stated Reid was transported to the the Washington Hospital Center suffering severe facial lacerations related to the crackes in his face resulting from the smile which opened huge crevices in his skin that had virtually turned to stone because of years of frowning and disuse.


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