Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Working on project for SW history display and exhibit in new hospital. Exhibit is to primarily focus on donor appreciation and giving. History display will be inserts on wall with names of donors.
Wish the real history could be written. SW started KD but broke after fist fight between Sc and Dr. McK. Scott and White moved patients to Grundy house until purchase of a catholic convent which was to then serve as a hospital. SW then owned a building with Dr. Wos. Suit of Dr. Wos centered around SW and others being salaried which was considered the cooperate practice of medicine. Because of this landmark suit the Clinic and Foundation were established as separate entities. Clinic was a for profit and hospital/foundation a not for profit. The organization remained this way until the recent reorganization into all being nonprofit with the clinic as a subsidiary of the foundation and designated as a 501C4.
Wish all this could be part of the exhibit but it might cause an earthquake. It could be called the Rise and Fall of SW Clinic


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