Thursday, August 19, 2010

I recently read a survey that identified some of the differences in young people entering college today compared to a few years ago. There were some surprising findings and some that may already be apparent to most observers. We are indeed in a different world than my generation.

Here are a few of the findings from the survey. Most kids today do not write in cursive. They are skilled on the computer and text messaging and end up printing things they must write with pen or pencil. The spelling with text messaging is almost like another language and a dictionary may need to be developed for this foreign tongue.

Most young folks never use a phone with a cord except at their grandparent’s home. The world is rapidly moving to the cell phone. When I went to college we had no phone. For me to make a call it had to be on a pay phone or a line in the home of a friend. I wouldn’t think of making a long distance call unless it was for a death notification.

One of the amazing things is that kids don’t wear wristwatches anymore. They use their cell phones to give the accurate time. When I graduated from high school my graduation gift was a wristwatch and it was my pride and joy. I still have it even though it doesn’t run.

There are other interesting needs for kids starting to college these days that I knew nothing about. All must have a backpack. This needed piece of apparel starts in elementary school and continues until they get a PhD. Now days students couldn’t make it without a credit card, so this piece of dangerous plastic is an essential item. The college living quarters are filled with an array of electonic equipment including computers, ipods, TV, speakers etc. It is interesting that watching live TV is becoming a thing of the past. Shows are recorded and watched at a later date with skipping commercials and viewing a series of a favorite shows at one setting.

Of course many students now have a car. That was something beyond my wildest dream, but somehow I managed to get to most places and survived. It is amazing that I survived at all because except for a movie, air conditioning never touched my body. I couldn’t make it today if I had to attend class or study in the 100 plus degree heat. So, air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury, it is just a simple basic need like oxygen.

Well, the world has changed. It’s time to get out of the wristwatch business and into the cell phone racket. In the mean time on the porch, I still have my phone with a cord because I don’t have to keep repeating, “can you hear me now.” I just looked at my watch and it tells me it is almost 5 and time to watch the news live. That’s another thing, newpapers are dying. Kids don’t get their news from that souce anymore.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Scary, isn't it, Doc? With the exception of people not being "beamed up" our young people have truly been born into a Star Trek world. If only someone could invent a cell phone that would reconcile a monthly bank statement for them their world would be complete. Of course a "common sense" chip would come in handy also........

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