Thursday, August 12, 2010

The older we get the more paranoid we become. Experience hardens the psyche. Even considering the age factor, it seems like there is less of a caring attitude by everyone. In my field of medicine this is certainly the case and you see the same in business and even in the ministry. Even though we have more modern conveniences, to make life easier, we don’t seem to have the time to care for others.

Doctors are so busy the patient has just become an object. Long gone are the old family docs, who didn’t know much, but made you feel better by visiting and explaining things. The lower the echelon in medicine the more caring, but folks like nurses only do their caring on their shift. One minute past shift change and all caring stops. Docs gave up the caring part a long time ago when they became technicians and busy ringing up the cash register.

Business people and merchants haven’t cared in a long time. When businesses were small, mom and pop, operations they cared about the customer. The large chains are now operated by young folks who barely speak and only know how to stand at a checkout point, run a wand over your merchandise and swipe a credit card. There is absolutely no help in buying merchandise. In the old days every time I purchased a suit or pants there was a salesperson there measuring and helping select the right colors. You can now forget getting help in any store.

Ministers have now dropped the caring bit. Churches have become mega-operations with a large staff. If the minister is any good at preaching he spends his time preparing his one sermon per week. That sermon may be delivered two or three times on Sunday, but it’s not like in previous years with an evening Sunday sermon and one on Wednesday. Ministers used to visit when you were sick and even came to your home. Now, one of the associate pastors makes hospital rounds and if the head preacher shows up you know you are important, have a lot of money or you have reached the Pearly Gates.

Well, I guess it’s the bitterness of age, but I’m beginning to think the deer in my back yard are a lot more caring that the average person I deal with in medicine, business or the ministry. The deer love me so much they have almost moved into the house.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Boy, ain't it the truth. Other than my immediate family and my other family at work I get much more love and attention from a few good horses and cows, a black lab, a blue heeler and a little weenie dog than from the majority of humans I come in contact with. And that doesn't even count the specimens at the IRS, Texas Workforce Commission and State Comptroller's office, all of which I stopped considering human years ago.....

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