Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I saw a Schwan’s food truck on the street this morning and it reminded me of a time when deliveries were common. When I was a kid many things were delivered and there were all sorts of salesman calling to peddle their goods at your home.

I remember when the milkman came every day with fresh milk in a glass bottle. Cartons and plastic bottles had not been invented. We left empty bottles by the door and the milkman just exchanged them with those filled with milk that had a big layer of cream on top. There was no skimmed, 1%, 2% and dozens of substitute milks, all we had was the fully loaded stuff, and it was terrific.

I go so far back in time I remember when we had no refrigerator. We had an icebox that was a box lined with tin and a compartment on top that contained a block of ice. The ice kept everything cool. The icebox was a luxury appliance for folks in the city who had ready access to an icehouse. An iceman delivered ice that was carried with a lethal looking instrument called ice tongs. Country folks were deprived of this modern convenience.

In those days, there were a lot of door-to-door salesman. They sold Fuller brushes, vacuum cleaners, Watkins Products, knives and dozens of other items. I always enjoyed watching these folks demonstrate their wares. Watching the vacuum cleaner demonstration was better than a lot of movies.

In those days, groceries were even delivered. One of the luxuries we enjoyed most was the dry cleaners delivery person coming by the house, on a regular basis, to pick up and return clothes for cleaning. More things required the service of the dry cleaners in those days because, wash and wear, polyester stuff had not been invented.

Young boys on bicycles even delivered telegrams to your door, but this was something you really didn’t want to get because it frequently meant a death or other bad news. Young boys also delivered medicine from the pharmacy and of course the newspaper. Newspaper delivery is about the only thing that still exists, but it comes in the middle of the night from an unknown source.

So, even though I don’t care for Schwan’s MSG laced food it was good to see them drive by the porch and remind me of simpler times when customer were important.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Doc, some days your blog is truly a blessed walk down memory lane. This one is really packed. Since we lived in the country we still received bottled milk from the Pure Milk Company long after it was out of vogue in "town". Although there were no iceboxes still in use when I was a kid there were abandoned ones on the back porch of just about every house in our community. My grandfather worked for Bell Ice Cream Co in Temple for a short time and I still have his ice tongs on a shelf in my office.

He later opened the Bridges Grocery and Market down by the KATY tracks and I delivered groceries for him and my uncle until my high school years. Some of the places I delivered groceries to then I would not go to now with a loaded gun and S.W.A.T. team beside me.

I even delivered GRIT to the old women in our community for a year or two and it was much fun. You have truly hit a chord with this one..........

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