Monday, August 02, 2010

We just returned from our annual family trip to New Mexico where we tag along with the grandkids as they attend the Suzuki String Camp. It’s always a great experience and a thrill to see their progress and listen to them play in quartets, orchestras and solos. This was our eighth year to attend. The first six years were in Santa Fe, but last year it was moved to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. The facility at UNM is better, but nothing can beat Santa Fe. Santa Fe is a unique place with all the art, opera, food etc.

I love the food in New Mexico. The New Mexican food is really better than TexMex. They are basically the same; enchiladas, tamales, tacos etc, but the New Mexican uses green chilies and green or red chili sauce is used on almost everything. Refried beans aren't as popular in New Mexico. They use a small bean that is still tasty. Chili Rellenos are a big favorite . In general, the New Mexican food is great.

Tacos have always been one of my favorite Mexican foods. I must admit, that to my taste, one taco has all the fancy restaurants in New Mexico and Texas beat. That 5 star taco can be found at none other than Dairy Queen. In my opinion, Dairy Queen makes the best taco on the planet for a great price. The crispy shell is indeed crispy but with the perfect amount of steadiness to hold the contents together as you bite into the morsel. The meat is tasty and not as sticky and soggy as found in the more expensive restaurants. It’s good quality ground meat with just the right amount of seasoning. The lettuce and tomatoes are fresh and the cheese is like it has been freshly shredded with little tiny bands of the stuff capping the remainder of the contents. I usually squeeze a package of their delicious taco sauce on top of the whole thing.

These great Dairy Queen tacos used to cost three for a dollar. Like everything else, the price has gone up, but you can get three with a monster drink for 5 dollars. The drink cost almost as much as the tacos. The tacos by themselves are a little over three dollars. It’s a great deal compared to most of those fancy restaurants. Anyway, I had some of these mouth-watering tacos in Big Spring, Texas on our way home. It was the best meal of the trip and the least expensive.

It’s still good to be back on the porch and eating home cooking. I think I’m going to lay off green chilies for a while. My GI track is not as young as it used to be.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

You're making me hungry. I think as tacos as health food because they have lettuce and tomatoes in with all of the bad stuff. I am going to have a few tonight just to celebrate.......something...

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