Monday, May 04, 2009

The New England States are leading the way for the nation to legalize same sex marriage. I have no objection with same sex unions becoming legalized. I have come to believe this is some sort of genetic aberration and some folks can’t help being attracted to another of the same gender. Some of my friends and interesting people I have know have been of this persuasion but it still grosses me out to see a man kiss another man in the mouth. I can take a woman kissing another woman in the mouth because they are always hugging, but even that is a little gross.

Same sex marriage will help with our population problem. It’s a little hard for same sex couples to reproduce. From some recent data, I have seen that the diminishing population among the Western Civilization may be a problem. In order to maintain a race there must be 2.1 births per family. We are way below that in the US and most of the European countries like England, Germany and France. The Muslims are out producing us. They are like rabbits or cockroaches. The world will be predominately Muslim this century.

The same sex marriage bunch need to hurry and get their fling over with soon because this will definitely not be permitted when the Muslims rule and the Islam religion is the religion of the land. Our Christian fundamentalist are really like an American Taliban. We must believe according to their particular denomination or else you are an infidel and doomed to hell fire. Under the Taliban rule same sex marriage is not permitted and, as a matter of fact, homosexuals are beheaded or stoned to death.

It’s hard to understand gays, lesbians, Taliban and even Christian Fundamentalist. I am reminded of a red neck cousin of mine who told be about another red-neck who went into a bar and ask a woman about her sexual interest. She told him that she was a lesbian. He ask her, what is a lesbian? She said that she was someone who desired a romantic and sexual relationship with a woman. She then ask him about himself. He replied, that he guessed he was also a lesbian.

I guess that Texas will soon be voting on legalizing same sex marriage. My conscience will probably keep me on the porch as it has in the past several elections. Mark Twain once wrote about a man who struggled with his conscience and he won. He no longer had a conscience and the murder and crime rate suddenly increased in his community. My conscience is the only thing that keeps me civil and protects a lot of folks I deal with.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I am thinking that if this is something that we are going to legalize and have to live with then why not send a few thousand gay and lesbian people to Mexico. If we are stuck with the problem at least something good could come of it.

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