Friday, December 26, 2008

Rick Warren who appears to have replaced Billy Graham as America’s Christian leader is catching a lot of flack along with president-elect Obama because he has been ask to say the invocation at the Inauguration. The flack is coming from the gay community because Warren supported the recent ban on gay marriage in California. To me, Obama seems to be moving in the right direction. He has selected his administrative team from a fairly diverse background. Many were his political opponents but all appear to be the best qualified. I was happy that he picked someone like Rick Warren rather than Rev. Jeremiah Wright or Jesse Jackson for the invocation.

I have nothing against gays. They give us great music and literature and are much more interesting to talk to than the average redneck. In my last blog, I wrote about the genetic label. It is my strong belief that the gays are the way they are because of genetics. A few are that way because in some pseudointellectual circles it is considered cool. I just wish they would shut up ad stop demonstrating and flaunting their homosexuality. It would be best if their partnership was considered a civil union and not something called marriage sanctioned by the church.

The recent economic depression has resulted in a major geopolitical setback for the United States. We are no longer being considered the center of gravity for the world’s finances. We are no longer the manufacturing and industrial giant of the world. Even our military strength is beginning to falter as street fighting and mountain dwelling terrorist bring us to our knees. We were once considered the great fortress of the Christian faith and this is now deteriorating because of folks like the gays, Muslims, and numerous other minorities even within the so-called Christian camp. The Billy Graham’s of the world are quickly vanishing. Even the once powerful Catholics are disappearing and have been greatly injured by the sexual perverts who chose the priesthood so they could have ready access to their victims. No one really cares what the Pope says about right to life or anything else. Folks just wave at him as he motions to them from his balcony. People just like to gather in crowds to demonstrate or wave.

Perhaps it’s time we eliminate the invocation from the Inaugural proceedings and forget swearing in on the Bible and saying, “so help me God.” We have become a Godless society. It might be best to put us Christians on a reservation as we did the Indians. Christians could then perform their own rituals and have their own nation within a nation.

We are living in very sick times. The tenets of Christianity, Democracy and Capitalism are being challenged like never before in our history. I suspect that Billy Graham is happy to be on his porch and miss this inauguration. Just think about being in a crowd of several million people and needing to go to the bathroom. I had rather be on the porch watching reruns of Gilligan’s island.


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