Saturday, August 09, 2008

The news is picking up again. There is some pretty exciting stuff. John Edwards, former vice-presidential candidate and more recently a presidential hopeful in the primaries, has been fooling around. He has admitted to an extramarital affair and the woman says she has had a baby and Edwards is the father. I know his wife, who has cancer and minus a breast, must have great respect for this sleazebag. As I have said before, the contents of the brain liquefy and drain to the organ of reproduction to render the individual senseless and deprived of any judgment. Edwards fits the mold of the usual trial lawyer. He made his millions off of medical malpractice suits. I’m just happy that we have been spared of having him as president and having one of his sexual flings in the oval office during a terrorist attack.

The other interesting event that also involves lawyers is the trial of Victoria Osteen wife of the famous preacher Joel Osteen. They are co-pastors of a mega-church, where over 40,000 attend each week and they also have a huge television following. Victoria is accused of assaulting an airline attendant. She was flying first class and detected a wet spot on her seat. She ask the airline attendant to cleanup the spot and didn’t get a response. Victoria apparently freaked out and made a scene and in the process is said to have struck the attendant. The attendant is now suing, claiming that she has post-traumatic stress syndrome and hemorrhoids. I can buy the hemorrhoids because it’s obvious she is an ass. The attendant wants 10% of Victoria’s wealth, which must be a considerable amount. For something this ridiculous to even come to court is a joke on the legal system. Again, a sleazeball lawyer has to be behind the whole thing and lucked out to have a screwball client and a celebrity as a victim. Victoria’s only mistake was expecting anything in the way of service from an airline.

Lawyers have to be a big part of what is wrong with our government. Most of the politicians are lawyers. They have only their interest in mind and how they can put it to someone else. One of the main reasons to strive for heaven in the afterlife is so that you won’t have to keep company with the lawyers who are sure to fill the other place.

I love to have company on the porch but I will allow only a couple of lawyers I have known and very few doctors. The visitors I welcome most are family, teachers, small business people, retired folks and a few dogs.


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