Tuesday, October 09, 2007

October is always a spooky month. As Ray Bradbury says, “it’s when the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusk and twilight linger and midnights stay”. It’s a time when we conjure up images of scary creatures and it all culminates with my favorite holiday, Halloween. This year there are more scary creatures than usual, namely the Presidential candidates. At the top of the list is Barack Obama.
The Bible speaks about an Antichrist in the latter days. Obama seems to fit the description in Revelations and Daniel. Recently, he talked to a crowd in South Carolina about the power of faith and salvation and he wants to be an instrument of God to create a kingdom right here on earth. Obama has a Muslim background but now claims to be a Christian. He is very charismatic with a silver tongue and has an appeal to all groups. It would be easy to mistake him for some messiah like figure.
He has been inspired by the preaching of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who talks about white supremacy and black repression. He says we cannot understand God unless we are black or poor.
The Bible says the Antichrist speaks with enormous presence and influence. The content of his words relate to great things and he will, at first, attract multitudes of adoring, worshiping followers. He will seem to provide people a relief from the secularism and godlessness of this age but this security will corrupt many.
I certainly hope we elect a president who is a Christian but at the same time one who believes in separation of church and state. Everyone should be free to worship as they see fit, without government interference.
All of the candidates make this October more scary than usual. I may wear an Obama mask for trick or treating this year. In the meantime, I have draped the porch with cloves of garlic, crosses and mirrors. These have help ward off Dracula in the past and may help keep the presence of Obama at bay. The best thing is to keep the TV off, except for Turner Classic Movies. The stars of TCM were patriotic, unlike many current anti-American entertainers. Frankenstein and Dracula are great ones to watch this time of year. Neither one of these guys aspired to be president and are a lot less threatening than the folks we see debating on other networks.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Doc, I know that you are much too wise to be fooled by any of this. You know that EVERYONE becomes a Christian at election time. Muslims, Black Panthers, KKK leaders, gays, lesbians, Mafia leaders, etc. etc. I have decided that after reading Revelation many times that there is not any one Antichrist.....POLITICIANS are the Antichrist by scores. They have a lot in common with other of God's creatures. They run in numbers like wolves, jackals, cockroaches, fire ants, maggots, piranhas, etc. There is a common thread.

I have also put out garlic, mirrors and crosses along with a couple of No Tresspassing signs. But I shy away from anything with Ted Turner influence and just watch the RFD channel. Unfortunately most politicians don't even know what "RFD" stands for..............

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