Monday, November 29, 2010

The whistleblower website, WikiLeaks, just released a truckload of classified documents that could be damaging to the US. These documents are highly sensitive and reveal a lot of secret dealings with other nations. One of the documents reveals that Saudi Arabia urged the US to bomb Iran, to cut off the head of the snake, and prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon. A number of unflattering statements about foreign leaders were also made public.

The brains behind this website is a guy named Julian Assange, an Australian Internet activist who has a background in physics and math. He has also been a hacker and computer programmer. I know he must be a smart guy, but I still don’t understand how he gains access to all this sensitive, classified stuff. The other thing I don’t understand is how we are stupid enough to let highly secret material escape to the Internet. People in high places continue to do idiotic things. Watergate would never have happened if Nixon wouldn’t have had such a loud mouth and recorded everything on tape. The break-in should never have occurred in the first place, because he already had the election in the bag. So much of this clandestine, spy stuff by the CIA and FBI seems to be downright ridiculous; however, it may help us catch some stupid terrorist, like the kid who was a potential bomber in Portland.

There is just no way to keep a secret anymore. Not long ago, the board at my hospital informed me about a secret deal with another hospital. The next morning my wife heard about it at the beauty shop. This Julian Assange has got to be good but he can’t compare with the average hairdresser or beauty operator. These folks are born with a natural ear for gossip and juicy information.

I’m thinking about networking with a number of beauty operators and starting my own website. This stuff would make great reading and would be a lot more interesting than all the international hogwash and spy trash. I might call it WikiGossip. That is sure to be a popular website and get me some heavy advertisement contracts.

My material could even be made into a book and I could call it secrets from the porch. I want to thank this blabbermouth, Julian Assange, for giving me such a good idea.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

It is amazing how beauty shops can receive, digest and retain so much highly secretive information with no hard drives. These people are like James Bond. They memorize their data then either eat or destroy the source. I call my mother every Wednesday night because that is her "hair day". I usually get more information than CNN, FOX and every local news channel and newspaper combined......

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