Tuesday, November 09, 2010

After several days I’m finally adjusting to Central Standard Time or whatever it is. I’m always confused about Daylight Savings Time and regular CST. Moving the clock and hour back or forward has always been a puzzle. The paper and newscast always remind me that in spring we spring an hour forward, and in the fall we fall an hour back. I remember that for about a week.

I like it best when we set the clocks back and hour because, theoretically, I get another hours sleep. I was reminded this week that I really didn’t gain an hour because I used the extra hour setting all the clocks to the new time. I didn’t know we had so many clocks. We have clocks on the microwave, stove, radios and on every wall in the house as well as on every table. We also have two grandfather clocks. I remember when I was a kid, we only had one clock and it was one of the kind you had to wind. It seemed like I set that clock everyday or at least would wind it and set the alarm. It has been said that the younger generation doesn’t use watches or clocks. They just look at their cell phone for the time. They are on the phone all the time, so why bother with a watch or clock.

Some of the most difficult clocks to set are in the car. Those clocks have little mini buttons that are hidden among the hundreds of buttons on the radio. Never try to set these clocks while driving. It’s the only thing worse than texting to distract the driver and cause an accident.

The daylight savings time in the summer makes it stay daylight until late in the evening, so it is good for kids and frees them up for extra play time. The regular time makes it a little more light in the morning, so kids aren’t going to school in the dark. For those reasons, it is probably worth the confusion.

One of my favorite TV shows in the past was Hee Haw and one of the great characters was Junior Sample. He was the fat, dumb, country guy in overalls. The time differences really confused him, especially the different time zones. He heard about this airplane that arrived an hour earlier that when it took off. He bought a ticket so that he could just go and watch it take off. Some states like Arizona don’t even use Daylight Saving time, so it really confuses guys like me and Junior Samples.

Junior Samples is one person I would have loved to have a conversation with on the porch. I would like to get his views on other confusing subjects like politics and religion.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

I really don't care which time we use i just wish we would settle in on one and leave it. I don't think daylight savings time really helps kids that much because all of them stay inside texting/doing facebook/video games, etc. anyway.

Daylight savings time is also very confusing to animals. Horses, cattle, goats,etc. do not know it is daylight savings time so they still want to eat at the old time and get very grouchy. It's also hard on my granddaughter's weenie dog. She still wants out at night or early morning for her nature call at the old time. Speaking of her, I have discovered that weenie dogs do not like Andy very much and I really can't figure out why......

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