Sunday, May 18, 2008

I really don’t have anything against gays except their preference for the same sex. That sounds like a Yogi Berra statement, but it’s true. Gays have given us some great music, art and literature, but it’s hard for me to understand what they see in another hairy ape with a mustache. Gays are proliferating like rabbits. California and many cities like New Orleans and Austin are heavily populated with same sex couples and those looking for others of the same sex.

Interestingly enough, the economy and inflation may soon have men looking like women. This will further confuse the identification of a gay. A purse is usually an identifying bit of apparel for a woman. I think that men will soon have to carry purses to hold the money necessary to carry on daily activities. Wallets simply aren’t big enough anymore to hold the large number of bills required for even the simplest thing. It now looks like I have a growth off my rear end because if my bulging wallet. I’m thinking about carrying a purse to hold my many keys and the cash necessary for doing daily business.

The price of gasoline is now through the roof at $4.00 a gallon and everything else is starting to follow. I went to the barber yesterday and the price of a haircut has now gone to $12 rather than $11. It seems like only yesterday that he went from $10 to $11. I remember when I was a kid I paid a quarter for a haircut. That’s a 4700% increase in the price of a haircut. When the haircut was a quarter, gas was 16 cents per gallon; that’s a 2400% increase. My partner tells me that a shampoo and set at the beauty parlor cost $1.00 when she was a kid and in some places it is now $28.00. A permanent or styling at the beauty shop may run close to $100.00. So, some things are beginning to outpace gasoline. I won’t begin to talk about the cost of medical care. That’s one of the reasons national health care is on its way. I sure wish the government would include a haircut with a doctor’s office visit when universal healthcare is enacted under Obama. They could even throw in a half- gallon of milk and a loaf of bread with the visit because these items have become unaffordable for the average family. They could even include a ticket to a movie that has gone from 9 cents when I was a kid to the present $7.00 for admission.

Maybe I will just sit on the porch and let my hair grow long and forget driving. I might be able to live off my okra and tomatoes for .a while if the deer don’t eat them first. I’m considering throwing in a little venison with my meals if the deer dare eat my precious plants.


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