Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A friend recently ask me if I had written any blogs about the presidential candidates. My answer was, very little, because there is nothing of substance to write about. A few days ago I did express my concern that Obama may be the AntiChrist.

All the Democrats say pretty much the same thing and the Republicans do likewise. It’s hard to tell one from the other. You can tell Hillary from Obama because one wears a dress. I have trouble telling the Republicans apart because they are all the same color and gender. All of them, to me, seem to be pretty shallow and just want to criticize each other and what the other party is doing. It’s kind of disgusting and I really don’t like to hear all the rhetoric.

I prefer to write about he the celebrities and who they support. It gives me great comfort and assurance to know that Pat Robertson recently came out for Rudy Giuliani and that Oprah and George Clooney back Obama. I’m waiting to see who Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan favor. I would also be strongly influenced by Hannah Montana’s choice for president. John Edwards is the best looking of the bunch so I suspect he will be the choice of these younger stars, provided they are sober enough to make a decision. I wish the Republicans would give louder support to Alan Keys to add some color and brains to their field of candidates. Alan Keys was truly my favorite a few years ago, but he is much too smart for the job.

I already know who the various special interest groups back. Transsexuals and gays, of course, will support a Democrat as will most of the blacks and other minorities. Naturally, pro-choice folks and those who favor more social programs will also be Democrats. Christian fundamentalist and rich folks will be in the Republican column as well as most of the retired Middle Americans I encounter in Branson. CEO’s of big companies may give lip service to Democrats but when in the privacy of the voting booth will pull the Republican lever. Most college professors and pseudo-intellectuals feel cool to be like their liberal and communist colleagues at Harvard, so they will be Democrats.
My problem is that no one represents my point of view. I feel very isolated. If Pat Paulsen were still alive I would be on the campaign trail with him. Remember, he was the guy who appeared on the Smothers Brother’s TV Show and was always running for president.
To avoid severe depression, I allow no political talk on the porch and write very little about it in the blog.


Blogger jeff ludwick said...

Doc, I believe Pat Paulsen was one of those guys who was far ahead of his time. In those days he and Tommy Smothers were spoofs and today either of them could be a frontrunner in the presidential election. I fear that our time in the sun as a country is on the downhill side. Some day there will be no porches but you and I will be long since dead and talked about in a time "gone with the wind". God protect our children and grandchildren. their futures do not look as bright as one would have thought........

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